Beauty hacks come in all shapes and sizes, but budget beauty hacks that reuse materials you already have in the house are the best. I mean, don’t you just hate waste? For example, I’ve always felt a sense of loss after I’ve clipped my nails, especially my toenails because they’re so big! But did you know you can reuse your nails?

Nail Biter – First, put all nail clippings in a food processor and turn that sucker on. (If you have fungal growth, I recommend you do not reuse your nails.) Then after your little moons have been finely chopped, add them to your favorite organic shampoo (I personally like Sea Sludge is my Fudge™).

Did you know nails are made of keratin? And this is the same stuff that your hair is made of! So you’re essentially giving your hair a protein shake! High five!

Noodling around – Sometimes pasta noodles go bad. Who knew? But yes, when you’re cleaning out your cupboard, and you find that old half-used package of pasta (spirals work best), you can turn that stiff stuff into a mini-spa treatment. Oooo!

What I like to do is lie in bed and binge-watch Netflix, but before you get too comfortable, empty your crusty pasta on your Target bedspread, then lay down. It’s a free massage, so go ahead, stretch, roll around, and get those kinks out. It feels great. Double high five!

Cereal killer – Oatmeal gets all the attention, but any breakfast cereal can be used as a facial or body scrub. Ever heard of a sugar scrub? I thought so. Most breakfast cereals are fortified with vitamins and minerals AND sugar, so it’s delicious and nutritious for your skin.

After all, I can’t be the only one who has gotten tired of her Sugar Smacks or Fruit Loops. Special K is particularly bland but doesn’t clog up your drains as much as Cocoa Puffs. But remember if you have an ant or roach problem, clean up thoroughly after each scrub. Fist bump!

Tampon shocker! – Do you have a few non-organic bleached tampons in your sock drawer, too? Ugh. What’s a girl to do? What took the organic market so long to help us? What are we supposed to do with the old ones? Well, stress no more!

Toss them in your freezer. And when you’re having one of those days when you’ve put your thong on backward, or accidentally ordered a Tall instead of a Venti® at Starbucks, you unwrap your cool treat, close your eyes, and roll the frozen tampon over your face. It works like a jade roller, but even better. You can also place a frozen tampon over each eyelid, and because it’s frozen, the bleach will not leach into your skin. Awesome!

Don’t toss the moss! – Sometimes leftovers are cooking fails, Chinese, or simply forgotten until mold has started a new colony on it. But not all leftovers deserve the trash. You can save some leftovers for very specific reasons.

Have you ever noticed that some leftovers are particularly greasy? Greasy Asian takeout, for instance, is a great lip gloss. It also has a built-in scent like Orange or Lemon Chicken.

If you suffer from strong body odor, leftovers can also be an excellent way to mask those pungent pit smells. Simply swipe up, down, and all around! They say a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, but now with the power of this easy beauty hack, you can capture your crush’s attention with blue Thanksgiving turkey or gray deviled eggs. Ohhh, yeahhh!

10 replies on “Discover Prompts, Day 24 + 25: Elixir & Magic

    1. I hope you’re being funny because I was. I made these up. They’re totally absurd and are meant to be humorous, poke fun at these types of beauty hacks.


      1. Hahahhaa. Oh thank gawd. I was like, she’s funny and then I thought some more and was like OMG, what if… 😛


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