I have a newsletter! It’s called No Girl is an Island. It’s bimonthly and I talk about what I’ve been reading, watching, cooking, etc. I aim to keep it short, but I’m convinced it’s a nice alternative to social media depression/madness; plus we can stay connected, but in a more meaningful way.

Here are the archives (just click on the screenshots to take you to the newsletters):

Kitchen Not So Confidential (vol. 1 issue 4)

Celebrating Hope and Love (vol. 1 issue 5)

Make Room for the Future (vol. 1 issue 6)

Girl Power and other musings (vol. 1 issue 7)

Grief, loss, and moving on (vol. 1, issue 8)

This is, because that is… (vol. 1, issue 9)

Fantasy Forever (vol. 1, issue 10)

Autumn Creeping (vol. 1, issue 11)

For the blog post on ‘why’ click here. Hope you sign up, but of course, you can be sneaky/non-committal and return back to this page. Cheers!