I have a newsletter! It’s called No Girl is an Island. It’s bimonthly and I talk about what I’ve been reading, watching, cooking, etc. I aim to keep it short, but I’m convinced it’s a nice alternative to social media depression/madness; plus we can stay connected, but in a more meaningful way.

Here are the archives (just click on the screenshots to take you to the newsletters):

Kitchen Not So Confidential (vol. 1 issue 4)

Celebrating Hope and Love (vol. 1 issue 5)

Make Room for the Future (vol. 1 issue 6)

Girl Power and other musings (vol. 1 issue 7)


For the blog post on ‘why’ click here. Hope you sign up, but of course, you can be sneaky/non-committal and return back to this page. Cheers!