Are you good at spotting hidden objects? Just for fun have a look at what Nature magazine has done.

One of the things I did when the news first came out of China (regarding the virus) was avidly read scientific articles, and since I found myself returning to Nature magazine’s website, I decided to subscribe to their newsletter. It’s called Nature Briefing and even when the pandemic subsides, I’ll still read about what science is up to around the world.

At the end of the newsletter, sometimes they add where a Rockhopper penguin is hiding. His name is Leif Penguinson (as voted). Photo editor Tom Houghton hid our friend at ล kocjan Caves in Slovenia. Can you find him?

[Click on images to go full screen.]

The answer is here.


Did you know that our friend made it to the moon as well?

Here he is!


Can you find Leif Penguinson in these blood dragon trees in Yemen?

The answer is here.


Well, how did you do? [I did terrible, but I’m not good at these types of things.] Have a great day, everyone!

14 replies on “Discover Prompts, Day 26: Hidden

  1. Not sure I found him in the caves….great idea this, gets you explores the pictures in detail. I check out nature when I remember, havenโ€™t subscribed to anything though.

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  2. Thank you for this very entertaining game, Lani! I didn’t do so good either, but enjoyed tremendously anyhow!

    Those Blood Dragon Trees are sooooo fascinating!


  3. I found them all faster that I thought I would, haha. After I found him in the first picture it was easy, as they always use the same image of him! Maybe it was easy for me because of my job… part of it is to spot mistakes, hahaha.

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    1. Yes, it does help when you’ve already seen him. ๐Ÿ™‚ And I’m sure your job helps. Also Mama Bear needs to look our for dangerous situations so your senses are probably heightened.


      1. Hahaha, just yesterday I was chatting with a friend and I was telling him that I barely take pictures when I’m outside anymore, as I need to keep my eyes on Baby A. to ensure he doesn’t fall off a cliff or try to eat something he picked from the ground…


  4. Found him on all of them! The first one was a bit creepy though like “Is that a shadow?” and then realizing I was looking at him.

    Sounds like a fun newsletter though!

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    1. Well, I wouldn’t call it fun. There’s a section on COVID every weekday, but you learn about scientists’ struggles, challenges, and discoveries too!

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      1. Maybe fun isn’t really the right word but I find it fascinating learning about how scientists’ experiences are like, especially now. And that penguin helps lighten things up a bit, I imagine.

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