@ the BoSang Umbrella Festival, 2014

dripping wet red
sparkling orange
yellow pollen
for the bees

soft red
fragrant orange
tantalizing yellow
for the girls

sweet juicy red
supple tender orange
happy tasty yellow
for the kids


I keep a stack of papers near my computer.  Originally, my papers were a makeshift mouse pad until someone gave me a proper one. But before that act of kindness, I was jotting down notes and ideas on the papers, and even though I now have a faded pink mouse pad, I still keep a stack of papers around. This is not to say I don’t write in a journal or little notepads, but for some reason, I like keeping these papers around.

Part of the reason is they are my poetry class outlines, poems and scribbles from the writing classes I took with my friend Sandra. She’s such a wonderful poet and an inspiration, so when she said she was going to start a poetry class, I told her to sign me up.

Recently, I’ve been leafing through these and I saw one of our assignments was to write an “Ode to” something using Pablo’s Ode to the Tomato and Carl Sandburg’s Night as inspiration. But the above poem arrived from pictures. She brought magazine cut outs and we used them to generate ideas. I saw these and thought an Ode to Summer Colors would be a nice title – and it’s a coincidence that Summer has officially started in the US.

What’s your “Ode to” poem?

6 replies on “Ode to Summer Colors

  1. Wonderful! I dabbled in poetry when I was a kid, but I was, frankly, abysmal. Love yours though! If I were to do one, it would “Ode to the Cicadas.”


    1. Ah, ha! Cicadas, huh? Wow. I didn’t know anyone like those loud and unusual bugs. I can hear them already!!!


  2. Lani, thank you for the wonderful tribute. And Poem. Love your writing and glad you are continuing. Victoria has gone through a bout of two serious surgeries. Mary is still in the US and I begin teaching Creative Writing to kids at Language Corner next week. So no classes for awhile. I am writing a pseudo memoir as a fairy tale. It goes very slowly as it’s such a change in style. Will email you the beginning.


    1. I’m sorry to hear about Victoria. I hope she’s on the road to recovery. I emailed her as soon as you told me. Let me know how the Creative Writing course goes! That sounds nice. And yes, looking forward to your fairy tale. Miss you 😀


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