On morning routines, goals and habits

I’ve gotten good at consuming information on the web, of late, and I’m not sure if that is exactly something I should be proud of, but there it is. As a result, I’ve started to gain a clearer picture of what goals and habits mean to me. For months now, I’ve been trying to hone… Continue reading On morning routines, goals and habits


Do you keep a journal?

For a long time, I’ve been keeping a morning journal. Originally, I did it as a necessity and it’s been my constant, true friend. Perhaps it’s self-indulging, as some might say, but as far as I can tell, it has helped me throughout my days and provided an anchor when I felt astray. I’ve been… Continue reading Do you keep a journal?


Forever 32 (I’m getting old and it’s not looking pretty)


Which college courses had the most impact on you?

As some of you already know, I didn’t take high school very seriously, so I had to go to community college first. At the time, I was embarrassed because my friends went off to major state universities all over the country. Looking back, I’m glad I took the cc route. Community college was a very… Continue reading Which college courses had the most impact on you?


Has living abroad changed the way you dress?

It started off with shoes, but then it became a bigger question. Does where you live change the way you dress? Yes. A resounding yes.


How can I be a better writer?

It seems like everyone wants to be a writer these days, but that isn’t going to stop me from writing. When I started to pitch my first book to agents, let me tell you I got mightily discouraged from the lack of interest. I went through phases of wondering if I should even bother –… Continue reading How can I be a better writer?


How yoga helps my writing

I’ve been practicing yoga for about 12 years. I say this not to impress you, but because I want to establish how long yoga and I have enjoyed a healthy relationship. Of course, by now, you’d think I’d be really bendy and flexible, but I am not. I’m not “advanced”. On the contrary, I feel… Continue reading How yoga helps my writing