What’s your relationship to poetry?

It was my junior or senior year in high school when I fell in love with poetry. I think like a lot of people I had a preconceived idea of what poetry was and I had decided it wasn’t for me. Since English was my first class of the day, I used to put on makeup while sitting at my desk, and my nerdy friend Keitha watched as I lined my eyes or curled my lashes.

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Chinatown, Hawaii

Chinatown, Oahu, 2015
Chinatown, Oahu, 2015

Visiting Hawaii meant not only visiting memories, but places where those memories are contained. Chinatown is one such place. Honolulu’s is one of the oldest Chinatowns in America and probably is one of the smelliest. So, I find it rather amusing that tourists come here and based on their 3 star reviews, visitors possibly find it dirty and disgusting.

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You catch my eye Chiang Rai

Valentine’s Day faded red. Kisses for you.

There is nothing particularly beautiful about these pictures. They are merely what catches my eye while I am walking. I’m afraid I’m drawn to the mundane. Although, I think it’s a mistake to think something is boring.

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Cimelo: Antique shop and coffee

One could argue that Thailand’s coffee culture started in Chiang Rai with the original Doi Chaang Coffee shop and restaurant opening here. It certainly helps that coffee is grown locally. Lee’s Akha Ama Coffee is grown nearby, as is his apprentice’s – Tu’s from Nangnon Coffee.

So it’s little wonder that interesting coffee shops have gained popularity and have cropped up in Thailand, specifically in a town as small as Chiang Rai. Now, I certainly have not gone to all of them here, but I feel lucky to have found one of the cutest ones. Located just off of Honglee and Rathotya, I’ve enjoyed my time hanging out there in the very cold air conditioned rooms with a lovely treat and coffee.

I am gumdrop toys, tin robots, a movie reel and a glass table top.

I am tricycles climbing up a house, hot coffee and Saturday morning cartoons.

I am dessert on a swing.


Downtown Chiang Rai (in pics)

I remember the first time I was turned on by poetry. I was in high school Freshman or Sophomore English, and the poem was Carl Sandburg’s Chicago. Generally speaking, I was greatly turned on by the poetry we were reading, but Sandburg’s Chicago was different, gritty, and decidedly real. It wasn’t about love, or love lost, or nature or some abstract feeling. It was a dirty workman’s boot stomping in front of your face and I loved it.

Now I realize Chiang Rai, Thailand is so far removed from Chicago, Illinois, and it isn’t even a similar kind of city, but the buildings that I have been photographing in downtown Chiang Rai have a quality that reminds me of Sandburg’s poem.

At one of the “fresh” market’s entrances, Trairat Rd.

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Bo Sang Thailand

Ode to Summer Colors

@ the BoSang Umbrella Festival, 2014

dripping wet red
sparkling orange
yellow pollen
for the bees

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Latchkey kids (or latchkey kids make pizza)

Left alone hungry
At night
We make a pizza
In the oven it goes
Out the kitchen I leap
Age 8 and 5
Stuck to the TV
We enjoy Clint Eastwood’s
Every Which Way But Loose
The alarm screams
We scream
Kitchen running
Thick smoke goes up out
The wall is black
I can’t clean it off
The pizza is black
We play WWWIII in the living room
Shooting through the smoke
Jumping couch to couch
Back to capture rapture TV
When mom returns
She is curiously
Not mad
But quiet.