Did you see how they built the roof around the tree?

Does beauty need to be defended? Yeah, well, if those spectacular concrete jungles are any indication of the direction we are heading, then yes, I believe beauty does need to be defended. I like to joke that in another life, I would have been a city planner because I think we have lost some of our appreciation for functional and beautiful things.

In the art world, art school no longer emphasizes training in the traditional methods, but instead focuses on kitschy gimmicks to gain attention. That’s why so many of us hide behind hands when we are in an art gallery these days. Beauty is lost. We are lost. At least, I am as to why a pile of underwear can be passed off as MODERN ART and sold for $3,500. Beauty, absurdly enough, is considered dated. For extra credit, I encourage you to watch Roger Scruton’s documentary on Why Beauty Matters.

I also like what Sali Sasaki has to say about beauty, exploring the question, What is beauty? and how it is a journey, it’s unexpected and it lives in the spaces between here and over there. This way of seeing beauty reminded me of the lost art of thinking, understanding and all the struggles that come with it.

I don’t think we would be in the global warming predicament if we had remembered beauty. There is nothing beautiful about the excessive use of plastic and toxic chemicals we allow to be belched into the air we breathe and share. If we had remembered beauty, I don’t think we in the United States would have even considered cutting out the arts in education and replacing it with fill-in-the-bubble testing. I want to believe that public education, education for all, would not be threatened in a more beautiful world.

There is not only tangible beauty, but beauty in thoughts and actions, and we need that kind of beauty as well.

We are a bit obsessed over phrases like: “this too shall pass” or “everything will be okay” and “think positive”. All of which I’m for, but against the dismissive wave these phrases provide in lieu of the serious problems that plague our societies. Nobody really wants to be told any of these things when they’ve lost their job, when they are drowning under the staggering weight of medical expenses or student loans, or when there feels like there isn’t any justice in this world. Why are the bad guys winning? And what the hell is up with the 1%?

Interestingly, this post came about when I was taking pictures of the flowers in my little area. When I lived in Chiang Mai, I loved my apartment, but my surroundings were very ugly, trashy and smelly. Now that I live in Chiang Rai, my house and the surroundings are much more pleasing.

The landlady has carefully integrated a variety of plants, flowers, water features, and fish ponds into the landscape. We are big fans of fishes because they eat mosquitoes, so we brought some over from CM. In fact, we put the guppies in the water pots near Thae Phae Gate (among other places). I hope they are okay.

The landlady also invited us to pick fresh basil, tomatoes, lime leaves and other foods since she knows I cook. It’s been really lovely to live in a place that is mostly peaceful, beautiful to look at, and serves a function, too. It’s soothing to be surrounded by growing and green life.

And the roof around the tree! This was a perfect discovery. I was looking down at the leaves that I needed to sweep (I have been sweeping almost everyday), when I decided to look up to see where the leaves were coming from – and that is when I noticed the way the roof was build around the tree.

What is your definition of beauty? What is beauty to you?




20 replies on “In defense of beauty

  1. Beauty is seeing past, beyond or through something mundane, ugly and even difficult to look at. It is the moment when my eyes brighten, my heart quickens and my mouth forms an uncontrollable Oooo!


  2. Beauty is when positive and pleasing connections are discovered or recovered in your brain.


  3. Lani..I just saw a woman on TV that did that for a living in St Petersburg Russia…I could see you being a defender of beauty as well…Thank God for people like you! Heart to Heart robyn


    1. Thanks. I’d be interested in finding what the Russian woman did. Although, I’d have to brush up on my Russian πŸ˜› Hugs.


      1. She was restoring old taking pictures all around the city…my husband said she did this as a private citizen and would present a proposal to the city…I believe she presented them as historical buildings ..saying they would enhance the city by being restored…we watched it on PBS…just not sure of the details… maybe more about this is on the internet..Heart to Heart Robyn…you seem to be a great photographer …maybe this could be done in Thailand?


      2. Thanks for the information. Something like this should be done in Thailand…not sure it should be me though. Hmmm. You’ve given me something to think about. Cheers πŸ˜€


      3. yea it was just really cool to see! You bring beauty through your photos..seeing beauty everywhere I am sure…even in your food!…You do not have to do it..You are it…Heart to heart Robyn


  4. It sounds like you are really enjoying Chiang Rai and your new house. And your flowers are beautiful!


    1. Thanks. It hasn’t been all roses and apples though. Each and every change brings its challenges, and that’s what makes taking risks so adventurous and aggravating.

      You, on the other hand, are the expert! You make it look so easy πŸ™‚


  5. That’s wonderful you’re living in a more inspiring place that’s put your mind/heart at rest. Beauty is seeing being the wallpaper of everyday life.


  6. My dad worked as a draftsman for many years before retirement, in structural engineering. Therefore, I grew up having a good sense of the foundation required for beautiful architecture to be sustained. My boys and I love looking at historic houses and we definitely appreciate symmetry (something that is sometimes synonymous with beauty). When the man-made can be more harmonious with nature–like your roof and tree–that is beautiful to me.

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    1. My dad was in engineering too πŸ™‚

      Yes, I love a well-made home, anything well-made I will appreciate. I think I will fall in love with Japan when I go there (it’s the dream!).

      In my world, everything would be wonderfully made!

      Thanks for taking this detour and reading!

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