There’s actually a site called Pictures of Asians Taking Pictures of Food and surprisingly I am not on there – yet. Most of my friends humor me when I take out my draconian Lumix, as I’m not cool enough to have one of those cameras with the big lens or a smart phone. I scream amateur. But, at least, I don’t eat like one…

24 replies on “🍛 Food Addiction: Chiang Rai edition

  1. I think both your ability to capture the food a do so in such a way that I can almost taste it tells me that you have a wonderful gift! Lovely 🙂


      1. Not at all, your photos are wonderful and I love them 🙂


  2. It does all look delicious. Meanwhile, the prairie city where I am, the Asian food is mediocre. It’s Vancouver BC where all the great choices are. I should check out that reference blog. Crazy name, but probably kinda true.

    I actually think Asian food gourmets have cut across a lot of social can be a peasant and appreciate as well as, prepare complex, delicately styled food dishes.


    1. Do you cook? We have great Thai food here (obviously), but I definitely do a lot of cooking at home, too. And it’s true what you said about food cutting across classes…the magic of food.


  3. Almost as good as being there eating it. OMB, I hate cooking, so tired of salad……


  4. Haha! I checked out that Pictures of Asian People thing, and it’s beyond hilarious when there’s a table full of them doing it. Your food looks almost too pretty to eat and makes me miss Thailand :/


  5. A Lumix is not an amateur camera. Heck owning a camera means that you realize that camera phones have serious limitations. Moreover, the proof is in the pudding. Your photos are not amateur! You understand light and composition. I know because I am an avid amateur, myself 🙂


    1. Actually, I own a camera because I’m of the generation that had cameras before they became these devices that came w/ your phone! 😀 But seriously, thanks!


  6. Love the colorful display and your ability to bring it all to us…Now I am going to go make something good! Heart to heart Robyn


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