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How to listen to yourself (or go a little crazy)

Aw, man, I’ve been struggling this month. A lot of this is due to work. I have a great schedule this term, but I have a lot of lesson planning and preparation to do. I’ve also been in my head too much. Waaay too much. // When I have had a chance to write, I… Continue reading How to listen to yourself (or go a little crazy)

Asian American

I’m Chinese, but I’m not Chinese

On a regular basis, I’m mistaken for being Chinese – as in from the Motherland, China, Chinese. Now, to be fair, I look pretty damn Chinese, but these days it’s getting ridiculous. I blame it on the throngs of Chinese tourists in Siem Reap, and the fact that many Cambodian students learn Chinese as another… Continue reading I’m Chinese, but I’m not Chinese

Writing Memoir

I am Wonder Woman

When I was a freshman in high school, about 14 or 15 years old, my younger brother and I wandered into a comic book store. It was located between Mililani, our home town, and Waihawa, the dead-beat-town-that-we-briefly-lived-in. We stopped there because my mom would visit her friend’s Thai grocery store. And like every other time,… Continue reading I am Wonder Woman

Writing Memoir

21 things my journal wants me to remember about 2016

Happy New Year! Ever since I was a teenager, I loved the idea of a fresh start to each New Year. Usually, I’d write down a bunch of beautiful goals and then promptly forget about them. This year, I decided to go back and look through my journals to see what 2016 was all about.… Continue reading 21 things my journal wants me to remember about 2016


7 wonderful days in Penang

Penang Malaysia was one of those places that I constantly heard good things about, but never had made it to. But this year, I set my jets to see it. I planned months in advance to get a good ticket price and timed my hotel reservations, too. I’m so glad that I did. Penang is… Continue reading 7 wonderful days in Penang

Cambodia · Expat

Living with lizards: a love story

If you ask SE Asians what they are afraid of, they will most likely say: ghosts, snakes and lizards. Since I grew up in Hawaii, I can certainly understand why ghosts would be a legitimate concern. Ghost stories are very much part of Hawaiian culture, whether this be a modern development or something that spans… Continue reading Living with lizards: a love story

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#365grateful halfway point, check-in and pit stop

For the last few months, I’ve been miserable. At the beginning of this school term, I was handed a shit schedule that involved losing much of my free time, sleep and sanity. And I really, really resented it. At first, I tried to get the barest minimal change made to my schedule because I was… Continue reading #365grateful halfway point, check-in and pit stop