In the 6th grade, we took a statewide test that assessed our writing abilities, and I scored high under having a strong opinion. But in college, I received papers back that said “too idiosyncratic”. 

Looking back, I feel those two moments define the evolution of my writer’s voice. And I like that. I like my voice. (Toot! Toot!)

Writing also comes easily. I don’t get writers block (you will now), and I don’t say this to brag. Maybe I don’t believe in it. I get stuck, sure, but I think you need to keep returning to it, give it space, or let it go. I used to commiserate with my friends when they complained about writing papers because it seemed weird to say anything contrary.

But if I was honest, I loved the challenge. I liked sitting with all these library books open around me in the computer lab, trying to figure out where to put citations, and how I was going to craft my latest art history or archaeology paper. Word count was never a problem either. (You can put the horn down now, little lady.)

Although, I think in order to appreciate your strengths, you need feedback because we’re often blind to our own unique qualities. What have folks said about your writing that’s made you feel great?

11 replies on “What do you like most about your writing?

  1. In college, I took a sort of Philosophy of Knowledge class, “Methods of Inquiry”. The instructor once commented that he liked reading my papers because they were clear, and at some point they usually made him either smile, or laugh. I like arriving at ironies. But the majority of my writing for the next twenty-plus years was of the technical variety… research, work, engineering documentation… I didn’t write anything that was my really own until about eight or nine years back at “Gather”, a now defunct writing site that tended to produce a great deal of internal conversation around the articles written there. I’ve since found that it’s a good way to decompress.

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    1. Awesome! That’s great that you and your instructor gelled. It feels like the world when you make a significant connection.

      Never heard of gather, but that’s sounds nice. These days, I feel folks are rather competitive so I don’t think it would anymore. I’d loved to be proved wrong though!

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  2. I love that you scored high under having a strong opinion! Being able to convey an opinion but also hear and accept feedback are important traits for a writer.

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  3. You’re killing it on the Bloganuary, Lani! Your writing always makes me smile, if not lol. You do have such an easy way with words (which I’m sure doesn’t always come easy). I think we would have made good study buddies, surrounded by our book forts in the library!

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    1. 😀 Thanks. I’m in the throes of back to school, so I feel behind these days, but not really too worried about it.

      I hope we can meet face to face one day! Study buddies indeed ❤

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