It has been known to happen, although, like this month’s solar eclipse, it’s rare. Nothing will hold my attention, but what’s super annoying is I’ve read several books halfway before giving up on them.

Even my gal, Agatha Christie, couldn’t satisfy me, and in the past, she was ‘ol reliable. Like people, I want to give them plenty of redeeming chances. I don’t want to judge too quickly, I try to be patient, but in the end (but not the end, pun intended), it seems like I’ve just wasted time.

I’ve had moments when I’ve felt restless, but this isn’t that kind of energy. It’s more personal. A lot of it has to do with my situation, working full-time, in a new town, teaching third graders in a young school leaves me exhausted by the end of the day.

After work, I understand why folks turn to drink, smoke, or yell at their family. But the thing that makes teaching unique is you have to exercise SELF-CONTROL all day. You also have to make choices, a lot of them, which contributes to fatigue. It’s a special kind of hell.

Sooo, I’m not really interested in reading dark or depressing. To be fair, I never am, but I have been surprised, and I don’t actively avoid heavy stuff. I mean, according to my StoryGraph, I tend to read emotional, adventurous, and reflective. [Sounds like my dating profile]

Anyway, I don’t feel like clocking-back-in when I’m reading in bed, after the kind of draining days I’ve been having. Even if I choose something that looks fun (I’m looking at you City of Brass), it turns out to be world-building information overload that it makes my head feel like school is still in session.

Does it sounds like I’m making excuses? I don’t care. November was a fantastic fat fail. I could have pretended this didn’t happen and not have bothered to post, but I didn’t, did I? I owned up to trying, then tossing my Kindle on the bed.

Remember the old days when you could blame everything on the weather?

“My _____ hurt. Must be the weather.”

“The _____ is slow. Must be the weather.”

Traffic. Dinner’s late. Bad breath. Acne flare-ups. Butterflies in stomach. You forgot your keys. They’re not calling back. You missed the bank. I challenge you to think of of anything that can’t be blamed on the weather.

Nowadays, we blame everything on Covid-19, so that’s my excuse. Why can’t I finish a book? Because of Covid.

And could I also get a raincheck while I’m at it? Cheers.

How was your November reading? (Opportunity to brag!) Have you ever gone through a reading drought?

14 replies on “Non-Reading Roundup: November 2021

  1. Same! I haven’t managed to finish a book in the last 2 months. It’s so disheartening since I was doing so well on my reading goals till earlier in the year.
    With things returning to normal, I find myself wanting to spend my few free hours at night just shutting off and doing nothing. 🙈

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    1. Yes, it’s been pretty bad. Sometimes I choose to scroll through “Google discover” articles instead of reading, and I used to have a no phone rule at night.

      So I understand, but hope things get better for you, too. December looks more promising for me… Fingers crossed! xo


  2. It sounded like a month of trying to balance things for you, Lani. Sounds really hectic with your job and adjusting to your new place. Hope you settle soon and it all comes together.

    Sometimes when I’m reading a book I’m not into, I just don’t know when to stop. I’ll end up reading all the way trying to give it a chance, get to the end, still don’t like it and feel like I’ve wasted my time. I applaud you for choosing to close a book halfway if you really don’t feel like reading it anymore.

    I’ve been on a reading drought lately as I’ve been manically finishing the m first book draft. I wanted to finish it before the lunar eclipse in November, which I did. I’ve been so tired ever since that I’ve pushed back reading again 😄

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    1. Ahhh, I am not alone! Something’s in the air, maybe?

      My husband has a 50 pages rule, but I can’t seem to pay attention to page count very well on the Kindle. Plus, like you, I find the first few chapters can be quite intriguing and it pulls me in — publishers have gotten smarter about that, but I feel like they’ve gotten sneaky too, like “studies have shown if the reader reads up to this point, they will commit to finishing the novel”… and I don’t like that!

      But maybe it is me, maybe it’s circumstantial. I don’t know. Congrats once again on seeing that first draft through!


      1. Many people have short attention spans these days, so it makes sense if a book doesn’t hook them in a few chapters in, they might not read further. I think it also depends on how patient you are. Hope you get to read more soon, Lani!

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  3. I hear you on so many levels, Lani. Listening to you I definitely don’t miss teaching, although I did enjoy being one long, long ago.
    As for not finishing books I can’t get into – I’m much better at discarding them. I do sometimes try to go back, but usually my first impulse prove to be right.
    I’ve done well in November, as I finished your previous recommendation of The Widow Queen – loved it! As well as Windswept by Annabel Abbs – also loved that memoir of walking blended with information of other more famous women walking. Not sure what I will read next.

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    1. OH, cool! I loved that you read it and enjoyed it! So much history, right?

      Windswept sounds like it’s up my alley. I’ll put that in my TBR pile 😛 as I’m a walker myself!

      No, I can’t wait to retire. Honestly. These kids are incredibly precocious and wild; and since I’m sensitive and easy-going, I end up absorbing a lot of their energy.

      Ah, well, on to the upcoming Xmas break! Thanks, Jolandi!


      1. Windswept is well written, Lani. I highly recommend it. I’m very much into books about walking, as that is something I too love. Have you ever read any of Robert MacFarlane’s books? Nature writing at its best.
        A lot of history, indeed. Historical fiction is definitely a favourite genre of mine. I love learning something new while reading. It is sort of the point for me.
        Enjoy the Christmas break. I hope you find balance within, before heading back to the wild ones. ❣️

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  4. In November I read the first volume of Water Margin, another of the Chinese classics (it seems I always read classics at the end of the year, haha) and now I am with volume two and feeling like I’m going super slow. In my defense I have to say it gets quite repetitive and complicated, with dozens of different characters xD At this point I don’t remember who was who…

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