After July, August felt like I had something to prove. I plowed into teaching and writing projects as if all my New Year’s Resolutions depended on only this month. So, naturally, I got sick. It’s okay, I’ll live… (*flings herself on to the bed face down, and starts howling*)

Mother’s Day in Thailand was the 12th of Aug. With my scholarship kids, we made Mother’s Day cards. They are cute…when they aren’t driving me insane.
Here they are pretending to work hard – hahahahha.

For the scholarship kids, the American government requires that we do a Public Service project with them. For the first one, we did PSA fliers. For example, educating the public on hand washing with soap, wearing a motorbike helmet, and the dangers of too much social media.

After all that work, just letting them run lose and handing out fliers to whoever!
I hope the good people of Thailand took the time to read these!

Many classes ended this month, so this was one of the classes I taught. Young Learners who made me laugh a lot. We had fun.
Another great class. Very sweet. The serious looking one declared his love for me during class. Just kidding, sort of. It’s complicated…
Everyone’s suckin’ on their lollypops (not my idea), but hey, they’re making it work. Nice group. I’m very lucky!
And I leave you with ‘Mona Lizard’…too clever.

How was your August?

*Interested in joining the challenge? Check out Su’s blog post and site with all the details!

16 replies on “The Changing Seasons – August

  1. Sorry to hear that you were sick. Sometimes when you are feverish you can come up with some inspiring original ideas. Try to write those down.
    Although when you read them again when your head is clear, they may not make as much sense …

    : )

    It looks like a good group of kids. I like the group photos. Tell that little one in the pink t-shirt and pigtails that I think she is pretty.
    : )
    (Denny blushes like Thumper from the movie “Bambi”.)

    Keep up the good work!

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    1. I hate getting sick. I know some folks like the excuse to lay about, but not me, I like being home as it is, but I want to be productive. It’s the lack of energy that gets me. Thanks!

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  2. They look like a happy, sweet group of kids. You put a lot into teaching, but I think you also get a lot back. Seeing you in the last photo, I think they must like you a lot.

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  3. Mona Lizard really is brilliant! πŸ˜„ Your students look like they’re having a great time, love the group shots, especially the one with the lollipops – now I’m having an earworm:”Lollipop, lollipop…” πŸ˜„

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