There’s probably some psychological reason behind the photos we choose to take. Or maybe it just has to do with personality, in which case, there’s some psychology lurking between them pixels – somewhere.

I started to think these deepish thoughts because JR from The Drifters Blog, in his infinite wisdom, decided to nominate his 808 peeps for the Capture the Color Photo Contest- and I be one of those (808) Hawaii peeps, yo.

So I kept looking at the pics that JR chose, and the guy who nominated him (some dude named Icarus), and I quickly realized:

1) I like certain colors, therefore, I gravitate towards them and take pics with them in it. Like pink, damn it. I like pink. There’s no pink category.

2) It’s harder than it looks (that’s what he said).

3) I’m wasting way too much time on this. I’m not a photographer. My brother got those genes (never was a Levi’s gal), and I need to return to my regular scheduled programming…

4) The chances of me winning, as opposed to someone who’s been to India, and who carries a heavy lens (if you know what I mean), are slim and shady.

5) When creating a list, there needs to be an odd number, and five is a good place to stop.

Sooo, I added a little potato twist to this contest entry. I put in my “honorable mentions” which essentially grew out of me trying to figure out which ‘WHITE’ I liked better, and because I don’t think My Favorite Hot Dog is getting the airtime it deserves. Bon appetite.


At the Kachin Festival in Arunotai (or Nong Ook) Thailand 2012

This picture embodies (and cleverly hides) the “if you only knew what I had to endure that day”. Now it wasn’t as bad as those published travel stories (that came out clear, right?), but let’s just say in the gentlest way possible, “Thanks for the invite. Thank the Lord Buddha it is over.”

Honorable Mention – Yellow

Cuenca Ecuador 2010

After Thailand, the food in Ecuador was less than flavorful, and boy-band-bland. But like Thailand, there was delightful signage, and many moments to enjoy the English language used in its sweet relish ways.


Summer Solstice at Incapirca, Ecuador 2010

I really really loved this celebration. Easily one of my favorite moments of my six month stint as an English teacher in Cuenca. Originally I posted this album on FB, I’ll have to repost here. This particular group of dancers were from Guayaquil. Thank you Meg for bringing me up to the Incapirca ruins for this day of indigenous and regional dancing.

Honorable Mention – Red

Leaving Ayutthaya (Thailand) but stopping roadside for dried fish, 2012

I’m beginning to wonder if all of my travel pics come with a side swipe of carsickness and unpleasantries. I don’t know how all those travel bloggers make it seem so glamorous, but I cannot tell a lie – very well.

And quite frankly, my travel stories are not told from the seat of a private jet or first class, but from a bus, or in this case, a van without A/C, and sardine packed with my 11 closest relatives. This photo was from a trip, a special day, that I like to call The Day I Stopped Wanting to be Thai.


Cuenca Ecuador 2010

We were on one of those double decker buses, touring the city. Interestingly enough, I saved this for when I was getting ready to leave. So this snapshot was taken from the top of the bus, and not far from where I lived. I really liked seeing the similarities between Thailand and Ecuador, like the grilled bananas.

Honorable Mention – Blue

Sukothai Market, Thailand 2013

Did I mention, I’m not a photographer? But I am proficient in capturing people’s personalities. Some might call this a ‘lucky shot’, but I think if I wanted it, I could get into the Sears Roebucks family studio portraits gig. Magic!


Chiang Rai Thailand 2013

This was taken outside my new favorite place, Chivit Thamma Da Coffee House (thank you Andrew!). I’d like to be a cat here, and eat everything off the menu. More pics to come!

Honorable Mention – Green

Lamphun Thailand 2012

It’s always a surprise when I visit my family. Here’s my uncle cleaning and feeding one of his prize roosters. I’d like to say he’s just doing it to be nice, but he’s doing it because they have cockfighting at their house. I don’t like it, so I don’t watch, but this moment was so funny, and in line with the fact that country livin’ in Thailand is so different than urban life here.


Incapirca, Ecuador 2010

This was from my first visit to the Incapirca ruins. As a former archaeologist that studied and worked in the SW, this beautiful stone kitchenware set was used to ground corn. I know they’re everywhere, as in folks are keeping them as decoration when they’re not supposed to, but I LOVE lithic (stone) tools. I love running my fingers along smooth rock surfaces. What can I say, I like rocks.

Honorable Mention – White

Azogues Ecuador 2010

I dated a guy who has a passion for VWs, and since we’re still friends and all that, I occasionally take pictures of them to send to him. I also enjoy looking at old cars. I like to see someone caring for a classic vehicle and in Ecuador, I saw a lot of them. A thing of beauty.

Now it’s my turn to nominate! And thanks again JR for thinking of me.

  1. Jessica Scalzo at red mud stain
  2. Vicki Potts at redheadedtravels
  3. The Otter at The Flying Armchair
  4. Ashley at wordtraveler
  5. Richard Barrow at Richard Barrow in Thailand

To enter is simple, you write a post with your five best photos from these color categories: RED, BLUE, GREEN, YELLOW and WHITE. Be sure to nominate five other bloggers and tweet it with the hashtag #CTC13.

There will be a winner from each color category who will get: an 128GB iPad, a Fuji camera or Β£750 worth of Arc’teryx clothing and equipment (you choose). Then from the five winners, an overall winner will be chosen to win: Β£3,000 travel fund (worth about $4633 USD).


15 replies on “#CTC13 | “Capture the Color” 2013

    1. Thanks JR πŸ™‚ I hope the other 808 gang does too. Twas fun to poke around and look through old photos and see them in a new light.

      Hugs and bugs.


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this post! The photos you chose are splendiforous, your commentary is hilarimonious, and you are just plain AWESOMOSTIUM! (So much so, you got me makin’ up new words.) Thumbs up and high-tens to you and JR for representing the 808 magnificenteraniously!


    1. First of all, love the new words you just made up. That is not an easy feat, and I feel you are doing the 808 clan justice. As if…I will happily grasp and accept your hang ’em high thumbs and tens. You are too kind, my dear πŸ™‚


  2. thanks for the nomination Lani, this is such a fun idea, I will get cracking on it this week, what a great excuse to trawl back through photos! I’m inspired by your photo collection above and the stories that go with them, a great way to get me started


    1. Yeah, I like this idea too. Enjoy trawling through the archives. I imagine you have some great pics to share. Looking forward to seeing what you post. Cheers πŸ™‚


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