I’m celebrating 4 years of blogging about Thailand, and life overseas in general by compiling the best of the bug shots I’ve taken. Most were taken when I lived in the bamboo sticks, and I have to admit, I’m missing the cats and the craziness a little. But just a little. My city view apartment is so lovely and the envy of many.

I miss seeing the amazing bugs. They are harder to find around town but the green spider I found on me while eating a quick lunch at Wat Pan On. If you want to see a slide show, just click on the first guy and then it will automatically load. Enjoy! And if you know what these bugs are let me know!!!

8 replies on “A Bug’s Life in Chiang Mai

  1. Wow! I normally despise bugs, but your pics actually make me in awe of them… Great pics!
    And congrats on your four years too!


    1. Thanks dear! I wouldn’t say I love bugs, but I like noticing little things…does that make sense?


  2. Those woolly caterpillars look out-of-this-world. Pretty sneaky of you to slip in that picture of the centipede [it almost startled me]. Very nice photo spread!


    1. Thanks! I enjoy finding these little creatures. Always a surprise. As long as they stay out of my bed!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚


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