Typo or cleverness?

According to UrbanDictionary.com, SMORK has 7 (count ’em) whopping definitions:

1. An Engrish term for ‘smoke’.
“No smorking on corridor or Banning happen on premises!”

2. A smork is an ork that has been ignited and burned until smoldering.
In the Lord of the Rings orks that were burned after battle were smorks.

3. Someone who is so smitten, they are acting like an absolute dork. Slightly embarrassing, usually someone who is not an obviously smitten person, hence the lame name Smork.
“You are acting like such a smork, you’re definitely smorko over him”
*Other variations include being smokro, smorkalicious etc etc.

4. Smurf + dork. Someone who is a short dork.
Kristine is such a smork.

5. The smoke that comes from a piece of pork, being cooked in a smoker.
Oh man, my girlfriend said my beard smelled like smork, she loved it!

6. A Smork is a campfire snack that is similar to the old campfire favorite snack called a “Smore”, which is a graham cracker, with chocolate and a toasted marshmallow. A “smork” is graham cracker, a York peppermint pattie and a toasted marshmallow.
*Word origin is Smore + York = Smork

7. (n)-Someone who is imbecilic, or immature, and likes troll.
*Also Smorkly
Bramblestar: wafiy21, your a smork.
wafiy21: Thats just mean dude…

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