Aloha wear is essential.
Aloha wear is absolutely everywhere.

I was getting ready to post an article I had written for this weekend, when I got caught up in the latest news about 2556 Songkran. For example, Bangkok Post on Chiang Mai being a top place for Songkran revelers, and how the Chinese are making up about 55% of the tourists. OMG!

The post I put on Thai Girl Talk page regarding the 2013 Songkran schedule for CM went viral, so I’ll post it again here.

I’m also doing research on Sukhothai since I am going to spend some of my Thai New Year holiday there. Then I noticed, no one really is talking about where to go in CM for the Songkran Festival. So here it is…



Kad Suan Kaew: Usually there are a couple of stages set up, complete with fire hoses and live music and dancing on stages. As you can imagine, it’s loud and crazy and this part of Huey Kaew Road is closed off to traffic. I suppose you could pee in your pants since no one would notice but there are toilets inside the mall and Orchid hotel.

The Moat: This is where traffic slows to a crawl. Everyone is either deliberately in traffic to play water or trying to get through it to get somewhere. Either way, songtaews or red trucks are fair play (watch merrymakers go inside to splash passengers), as well as anyone else accessible or exposed. Folks like to dip buckets into the moat to replenish, there is swimming in the buoyed areas of the waters, and generally a lot of laughter and fun.

New this yr, water filling stations.
New this yr, blue water filling pit stops.


Tha Phae Gate: Crowded insanity

Armaments for rushing into the water war world.
Armaments for rushing into the water war world.

Nimhaemin: Tame

Loi Kroh: Crazy, but doable.

Anywhere else near a river or canal around the city: Never been, but most likely way more “local” = tame

Down random sois or streets: Deceptively quiet as you might get ambushed or you might just be able to scoot on by dryly!

*Generally after the sun goes down folks go home too. So don’t expect Thais to be out making a splash. Use this opportunity to change into dry clothes and find some dinner!

And obviously if you check out the 2013 schedule you will see various areas where different events will be going on around the city. For those of you who want to hear what Songkran means from a Northern Thai, check out our latest podcast, to be uploaded here.

This was early in the morning b/f the gridlock.
This was early in the morning b/f the gridlock.

Have fun, be safe and like I always tell my friends, make smart choices πŸ˜‰ 555+

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