Public Service Announcement: New rules from the National Police for the ever growing, ever popular Songkran Festival.

1.    Don’t throw water from pickup trucks.

  • Dangerous for pedestrians, motorists as well as the people throwing the water.

2.    You cannot sit or stand in the back of a pickup truck.

  • Yeah, it’s not a light tank in battle anymore.

3.    You cannot sell alcohol in the public areas (around the moat).

  • The full moon party is something completely different.

4.    You cannot drink alcohol while driving, or while being a passenger in a moving vehicle.

5.    You cannot use the very powerful water guns (such as Super Soakers).

  • This isn’t a war, folks. It’s supposed to be playful.

6.    No ice in water to spray or soak people.

  • The purpose of Songkran isn’t to torture people.

7.    Don’t touch the women opportunistically (ie. You are not allowed to pat powder on girls or women’s faces).

  • Cool your jets boys, this is a Buddhist event!

8.    You can’t play music too loud.

  • Originally, Songkran wasn’t about who had the biggest speakers and the least appropriate music.

9.    You are not allowed to buy or sell food or any products on the street (ostensibly because it blocks traffic).

10.    No more powder.

11.    Don’t drive when you’re drunk.

*More coming soon re: Songkran. Thai Girl Talk to podcast. Thanks to for the link.

11 Rules for Songkran 2013

4 replies on “11 Ways to Meet the Police During Songkran

  1. I just came from the moat and I can tell you that none of this is being enforced!


    1. 555! Yeah, due to massive protesting, the police/gov’t had to rescind all of their rules!


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