Hello, again. I’m back! Sorry about missing June and July, needed a break, but I’m ending the month with a holiday so I’ve got time and sanity back (momentarily). Most of August was tough though. I was juggling two jobs, teaching online and in the classroom.

We went back into the classroom at the end of June, but by then I already had online work. In July I picked up even more students, so August was insane. But this has taught me the importance creating boundaries around my personal time, and that being busy doesn’t suit my personality. Nor is it particularly good for creative projects since I need “brainstorming time” for the next leg of my book writing journey. September should be more manageable.

In the meantime, Thailand continues to have low COVID cases. This NYT article talks about how SE Asians might have a lower susceptibility to the virus, as in when folks do test positive, they are likely to be asymptomatic. But we’re more susceptible to the mosquito borne viruses, and there’s quite the rise in dengue cases.

At the end of the month, we did manage a beach getaway. They say prices are good because there aren’t any tourists, but the food was so expensive that it didn’t feel like we enjoyed any savings! It’s okay though because it was nice to swim in the ocean, walk along the beach, and see something new.

We booked one night at Sea Nature Resort Rayong.
A room with a view…

When we arrived we unhappily discovered that the BF needed his passport. A copy of his page would not be enough because they wanted to see if he had been out of the country. Strangely, if he had he would have had to undergone the mandatory 14 day quarantine complete with COVID tests (twice if you don’t include the one you need before you can even fly to Thailand), so that was confusing.

Luckily, I found an electronic copy of his visa page. Thank god for smart phones!

The rest of our short stay was uneventful. We loved the pool (complete with slides!), the fact that we had the whole hotel practically to ourselves, and exploring the area was fun, too.

The day we arrived, the waves were perfect. We got a tan and laughed in the water.
Koh Samui islands off in the distance. Most tourist go there, but you have to pay extra as it’s on national park land.
There were lots of beach to walk along, too. Pretty clean and quiet during lockdown.

If you’d like to participate in this monthly challenge, and be part of a lovely group, click on over to Su’s blog for the details and link back to her site as well. Easy peasy.

How was your August? And which do you prefer, the beach or the mountains?

43 replies on “Changing Seasons – Aug 2020

  1. Those pictures! Wonderful! Ahhh…I was meant to be in NZ in February and then Japan in April. Just short holidays but…
    We’ve been in masks here in HK since January and they closed the beach for this current third wave (bastards! how dare they). Almost under control again here. Something like 9 cases today. So, august was ‘unremarkable’ shall we say.

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    1. Yeah, I feel like a broken record, was supposed to be in the States for family reunion. Le sigh. I hear ya.

      It’s funny I see folks wearing their masks all the time, it’s like they’ve forgotten they’re wearing them. It’s habit by now, but I still find them annoying .. as in I unhook one side when I’m teaching (from a distance) and let the dang thing dangle.


      1. I completely find them annoying! But at least it’s the norm here so it’s just what everyone does. Can’t see masks going anywhere until next year…at the earliest….geez..

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  2. I’m glad you managed a little break, Lani. It’s so good for the soul. Especially when one has been as busy as you’ve been. I definitely prefer mountains, but beaches, especially when they are deserted are great for long walks. There is something very soothing about the sound of waves. I hope your break will sustain you for a while.

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    1. Thank you, Jolandi. My work schedule is more compact (if that makes sense) in Sept so I think I’ll feel more balanced and sane. I can hope, right? πŸ˜›

      I prefer the mountains, too, but the beach was fun. Sometimes I play the sound of waves on YT for that beachy vibe.

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  3. Work seems hectic for you! My mum is a teacher too – her workload has just increased so much with online classes, projects and exams.

    So lucky that you got to get out for a weekend! I’m hoping to go somewhere soon too. Love the photos! The resort and beach look so gorgeous. Hope you had fun. ☺️

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    1. Thanks, it was just the right about of time away from home as we love being at home! And yes, OMG, so many teachers having to do online work or blended learning. It’s much more work than you’d imagine. But COVID has made me rethink what I want out of a job, and that’s a good thing.


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  4. Beach, please. Glad you got away. Gorgeous pics! Did I see you were supposed to be in the U.S. Hawaii, I presume! Ugh, 2020. My little crew did get away to the beach (if the Atlantic Coast counts) this summer. I always worry about my guys out there in the big waves–you know, I’m a lake girl! This time, my husband and one of my guys got sea lice, related to jellyfish, right? Another complication of warming oceans. Anyway, they washed them off right away and went out the next day. My other guy enjoyed skim boarding–he’s always looking for new ways to break his neck. I got some reading done, and, as we were in Assateague, kept my eye out for wild horses. Hope your schedule chills out and you have more time for your memoir–I’m anxious to read!

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    1. Interesting. I’m a mountain gal myself despite growing up in Hawaii. I just fell in love with the mts when I lived in Colorado.

      I don’t know about sea lice, but I got sand fly bites. It happened to me last time I went to the beach too, but I forgot about it so I didn’t prepare for this time. GAH!

      Yes, maybe the US next year, but I’m too scared to say, everything feels so unpredictable, I wonder if traveling will be safe again? So many expats still unable to return to Thailand, their home…

      Thanks for the well wishes, right back at you Rebecca! xo

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  5. Sounds like a well-deserved break, Lani. It is a wonder that the resort is still open! I don’t imagine you will ever see the beach so empty again once, you know… Also good to know that the staff were making extra sure that visitors had all the appropriate clearances. Some struggling businesses might look the other way.
    It must be such an exhausting year for teachers who are required to do both face-to-face teaching as well as online classes. Well done.
    I’m a mountain girl myself. However, it is worth noting that our highest mountain in Australia at about 2,200 metres is at lower elevation than my blogging buddy who lives in Monte Vista, Colorado, on the flat. So I guess it is all relative. πŸ™‚

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    1. True. Yes, love them mountains, too. Maybe growing up surrounded by the beach I took it for granted so that by the time I saw some real peaks, I was awestruck.

      And yes, right you are. There has been pleas from the govt to not price gouge the tourists who are here, so there’s probably the range – as usual.

      Thanks! xo

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      1. Not really, it’s hot, hotter, and then rainy. It depends where you are in the country, too. In the North, it gets cooler and so there’s a cool season that’s quite nice.

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    1. Beaches attract a certain kind of folk, as do mts, of course. But yeah, the sounds of the waves and getting your feet wet in the sand, it evokes summer!


  6. My August was pretty strange as I left my old company, started in a new one and had some holidays in the beach and time off to be with my son. I even considered not going back to work πŸ˜› Sometimes we just need a break.

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    1. Oh, you changed jobs. Wow, that’s a big deal. Are you going to write about it? How difficult is it do that within China? In Tland, your visa is tied to your job… so changing it can be a hassle.


  7. Glad you got yourself some well deserved holidays, Lani! And totally get the being-too-busy-not-good-for-the-brain thing. 😁
    Envy your masks-on classes!! School starts for me this week and masks are not mandatory- makes me feel sick. πŸ™
    Wishing you a lovely creative September! πŸ’•

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    1. What have the numbers been in Germany? It may not be such a big deal after all? I don’t know. I just know that science has taken a bit of a PR hit with all the changes and the way the media moves vs how quickly science can give us new info.

      Good luck with classes! xo

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      1. Over 255 000 cases here, 220 000 on the mend, over 9 000 deaths, over 1000 new cases each day. It’s not as bad as in USA or other parts in Europe but then Germany is a lot smaller than the USA. Managed so far to make my kids wear their masks because they’re from 4 different classes – bribed them with chocolate. πŸ˜‰ xoxo

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  8. Wonderful that you managed a getaway (although with a rocky start) after a busy August! The sea and sand look so inviting & restorative.

    When I was growing up, we took many beach holidays. So, the beach was my go-to happy place. But as an adult, I started to travel to cooler climates – so whether it is the mountains or desert or other wide open places, as long as the weather is cool, I am a happy camper!

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    1. Yes, same as you. Grew up going to the beach, and now as an adult I enjoy the novelty of the mountains and cooler weather. Not that I’m getting any of it in Thailand πŸ˜› Although we’ve been getting lots of rain! Thanks again!

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