Instrument: Electric kettle, French press, coffee
Tempo: Slowly wake up, make coffee (drink it black, strong, with feeling).

Instrument: Journal and Paper Mate Ink Joy gel 0.7
Tempo: With starts and stops, with pleasure and panache, scribble down yesterday’s events, thoughts, lofty dreams, goals, and to-do lists.

Instrument: All-in-one Acer desktop computer + working internet
Tempo: Hit keyboard with lively clicks and clacks, respond, write, slide mouse around, catch up, moderately scan and read society pages (just checking to see if you’re really reading this).

Instrument: Pots, pans, kitchen clangery + food
Tempo: Pleasurably chop, slice, dice, zest (weren’t expecting that were you?), sway to the rhythm of preparing and cooking.

Instrument: YouTube workout videos
Tempo: After 5 fast mins, slow down. Close tab.

Instrument: Old Samsung phone, reading glasses
Tempo: Take it off airplane mode, swipe around like a lost person, use search option instead, have a nice chat, catch up on IG, quickly look to see if there’s any news from work, put the cursed thing back in airplane mode.

Instrument: Water bottle and mist maker
Tempo: On balcony, from right to left methodically water plants and mist their leaves, sometimes mist the soil. Fuss over them. Enjoy bright blue skies and a breeze if there is one.

Instrument: Kindle, decorative lights, computer
Tempo: Plug in lights, play nature sounds, and eagerly read on Kindle. Stretch like a fat cat. Content.

30 replies on “Discover Prompts, Day 21 + 22: Instrument & Tempo

      1. Seriously. I just saw today’s prompt is note. I love music, but like Rebecca, I’m tapped out!


      2. Yeah, I know. And the next one is ‘note’ – slightly less musical interpretation, but I’m getting wiped out. Wished they’d saved the easier ones for the end when we’re running low on motivation.


      1. How about someone I think you’re not? You’re not an old man sitting all day to mist and shape your bonsai. You’re not that teacher whose best friend is a plant (think Dwight Schrute from the Office).


    1. It’s a typical day. I try to have a nice routine in the mornings and evenings which helps, thanks.


    1. I fell in love with journaling when I was 13 years old after we moved to a small desert town. I was off-and-on during school years, but its been an important part of my life for decades!

      Yeah, meditation, I’m not so good at. I used to do a guided meditation in the mornings and night! Then it was just mornings, and now, I’m pathetically clocking in 10 mins in the a.m.

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