Three new things that I have been doing:

1) Participating in WP’s Discover Prompts

I’ve been blogging for ten years (but not all on WP), and I’ve never blogged every day nor have I ever participated in any WP challenges. I’ve tried to, but the timing was never right. Doing this has been more rewarding than I thought. I like that my brain can’t think of anything to do for the word-of-the-day, and then I wake up with an idea. Or I have to think really hard about what I want to write. It’s also great to meet new bloggers and read what they have to say.

People say nothing is impossible, but I do nothing every day. – A.A. Milne

2) Uploading audio videos on YouTube.

My vids are probably one of least exciting things on YT, but there’s no denying it’s THE place to share content. I was also looking for an alternative to SoundCloud where my upload limit was reached (and then old content was deleted). Even after I paid to keep my recordings online, opened another account, it felt like I was in the wrong room.

The problem though is I’m horrible about sharing my videos or even blog posts! I’ve become small, so I upload and then do nothing. I swear I’ll get brave again or clever or ideally both about promo, but for now, it’s a big deal to share on the most popular platform in the world.

If you try to fail, and succeed, which have you done? – George Carlin

3) Getting that memoir going – again.

After doing all the things we’re told we (writers) should do and getting those knockdown rejections, I put the book away (see scaredy cat) for a year. I just let it go and went about my life. I told myself that no one is interested in a nobody like me. But don’t get me wrong, I like me, and I’m not beating myself up. It was simply straight talk. I don’t have droves of adoring fans and I haven’t led the kind of remarkable life that makes mainstream media chase me through town.

But then I thought what if I try to find someone to help me make it better? So that’s what I’m doing. I’m going through that grinding editing process and where it takes me I don’t know.Β  It sure does help to see that my latest comment was from a longtime reader who said, “Always like your writing, Lani. Still waiting for your second book.” Thanks, Mabel.

I always wanted to be somebody, but now I realize I should have been more specific.

-Lily Tomlin

15 replies on “Discover Prompt, Day 18 + 19: New & Three

  1. Lani, I always like your writing, too.
    I read your first book cover to cover.
    I couldn’t put it down. I don’t normally
    do that.

    It can be a very good idea to put something aside
    for a while, even a year or more. Your mind is still
    working on it, trust me.

    I have done that with many different types of projects,
    both large and small, to good advantage. Writing,
    designing, engineering, programming, etc

    And even some things I didn’t know needed more
    thinking, my mind worked on them in the background,
    and I suddenly knew what I needed to do
    differently, even though I thought they were fine.

    So never doubt yourself. Just do things in their own
    good time.

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    1. Thanks, Gay. I had no idea you read my book! Honestly, I’m so embarrassed by my first attempt. And the temptation to go back and fix it has been frequent, but I’m reminded to let it stand as it is – it’s where I was at.

      Yes, you’re right, stepping back is almost always a good thing. I’m getting new ideas but I’m not sure if that’s what’s needed. I suppose it’s a program running in the background, like you say, and if I leave it alone, then return to it, eventually it will make more sense.

      Thanks again for your encouraging words!


  2. 1. I really enjoyed the WordPress daily prompts when I first started this blog–it was a great way to discover other blogs and interesting to read the variety of takes on the same topic. And I was sad when they discontinued it shortly after. I was hoping to participate in this round, but too many creative balls in the air right now. Also I couldn’t figure out how to “subscribe” to the WP blog so I could have the prompts show up on my reader. Anyway, good on you for keeping up with the prompts! I’ve enjoyed reading your contributions.

    2. I’m glad you’ve started sharing your audio essays on YouTube. It is a mythical beast and all I’m not sure how much the typical “how to grow your channel” hacks would help your content, but I’m sure there is a place for it! (There’s a place for all of us!) Maybe if you could emulate what other writers or podcasters are doing in the YouTube space. And like WP, I’ve made some YT friends by finding similar channels and leaving comments to let them know I liked their content.

    3. Finally, just wanted to say how awesome it is you have a memoir!! Good luck with the editing process, I really do hope you will be able to share your book with the world soon. You may not have droves of fans clambering after you, but you are a good writer and I like reading your stuff! I meant to tell you I LOVED your last newsletter (sorry, never got around to replying and letting you know I was alive). I can’t pinpoint exactly what it was, but just your overall voice in it–it was friendly and smart, and made me want to write better. I probably should start practicing by editing this comment (as Zinsser says, “BREVITY! CLARITY!”) but I just wanted to leave you ALL. THE. WORDS. today. ❀


    1. 1. You can follow tags. For example, I follow “discover prompts”. If you go to your reader, on the left side are your ‘followed sites’ and if you keep reading below that you’ll get to conversations, discover, and under ‘lists’ >>> tags, you can add tags you want to follow, like ‘expats in korea’ or ‘paper crafts’… Then you can look at those tags separately from your regular reader.

      And thanks!

      2.Yes, I need to just dedicate some time to figuring it out. I did in the beginning while trying to learn how to start a channel, and now I’ve gotten lazy/busy and I really do need to get motivated again.

      3. A thousand thank yous, hugs, and kisses. I know folks who read the last book were more interested in my life in Asia than reading about my teaching xp back in the US for a cult-like education system.

      It’s tough because I tell myself that there are plenty of AA writers writing about their Asian life, and mine is not literary – you know? I don’t write from a political standpoint (which feels like all the rage right now), so my homework is to figure out my theme. But maybe I have it and I’m not satisfied!

      THANK YOU! xxoo

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  3. I love that final quote, Lani. I’ve been terrible lately about spending any time on social media and haven’t been reading many blog posts either, but I am enjoying your interpretation of these promps. Always fun, especially when you add a dash of humour to it, like your previous one. Stay healthy and sane.

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    1. Thanks, Jolandi. Yes, we all pop in and out of social regardless of pandemics πŸ˜› I understand! I’ve been doing the same but WP’s prompts have become consuming – in a fun way – as you can see πŸ˜›

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  4. A great post Lani.
    I’ve never used the daily prompts. I always had plenty of ideas but now have little time for writing anyway.
    Youtube? Well I did set up a channel a couple of years ago and have added stuff recently. But I really can’t be bothered with doing the configuration/marketing stuff so it is really just a resource and avoids clogging up my WP media with videos.

    I love your writing and your newsletter and hope you persevere with the memoir. I would rather read a memoir from someone real and relatable than some TV celebrity.

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    1. Thank you! I appreciate the encouragement. Yes, ideas have never been a problem but the prompts were another animal all together.


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