Hello again! I’m back for another monthly photo recap hosted by Su at Zimmerbitch. Click on over for the guidelines.

Ah, September. I’m glad it’s over. It was an intense month, dealing with the spiritual and worldly logistics of a friend’s death. (Some interesting foreshadowing now that I think about it, talking about wills during a lunch; as expats, the rules are different over here.)

We inherited our friend’s plants and I thought I’d share them with you. We already had a fair share of plants – and now we have more! I haven’t had the time to do the research on all of them, so if you know what they are, that would be great. Otherwise, enjoy anyway!

One of my favorites, appears to be a kind of ground cover plant.
I repotted some of them, and this was one of them. So pretty.
We had a lovelace, but managed to kill it, but our friend’s was in a different soil – which made all the difference…

He had a good variety of plants and I haven’t even photographed all of them.

I have avoided cacti for fear of taking care of them….well, so much for that!
You would think some of these would be easy to identify, “heart shaped plant” – nope. Is it a cactus?
And this one?
Another angle. Succulent? Cacti?
Well, I’ll leave you with our lotus plant which has alien tendencies 😉


How was your September?

22 replies on “The Changing Seasons – September

  1. That lotus plant looks like it’s developing consciousness lol. September here was fast. Still hot with some annoying pollution rolling in for the last week. Feel I need to put some goals up for the last three months, time is moving too quickly.

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    1. Yes, 2020 is around the corner. Officially. Scary thought or exciting I suppose depending on your POV. But goals are good – it’s not over yet!

      All of our rainy weather has disappeared and now it’s just HOT over here as well!

      I’m keeping an eye on the lotus 😉

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  2. I use Google Lens App to identify plants, trees, flowers and such. The heart shape one is a Hoya Kerrii. On Wiki there is a picture of one that someone painted flowers on it with the word LOVE. The second one is the curvy one. It came up as Euphorbia Lactea. When I took pictures of what you posted, Google Lens also gave me your website and name of the blog. Hope you are well. Huggs.

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    1. Ooooo. I must check that app out! I’ve been doing it the ‘ol fashioned way of googling, and combing through sites and pics in order to figure out how to take care of these buggers! Thanks! Hugs back, xo


  3. I’m so sorry for your loss, Lani! Inheriting your friend’s plants is a wonderful way to have at least something of him around everyday in your life. I truly believe that these beautiful and well cared for plants carry part of his essence as caring for them has been part of his life. I hope this makes any sense to you? Hugs to you! Take care and be well! 💕

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    1. Yes, what you said makes perfect sense and I agree. There’s something about taking care of ‘growing things’ to carry on the ‘life’ or memory of a friend. Thanks. Hugs back!

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  4. I’m sorry about your friend.

    Some of those plants are fascinating and beautiful. I love tropical plants. I’ve never made much effort to identify them, though. There must be millions of varieties. Let’s just praise the variety and forget about the names.

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    1. Haha. I hear ya, just wanted to look up them so I knew how to care for them. Tricky business and all. But some of the names of plants are funny like ‘mother-in-law plant’ and African mask…Thanks.

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  5. Very sorry to hear about the loss of your friend.

    Thank you for sharing the gifts he has left you with us.

    I am particularly fascinated by lotus plants. It is so beautiful & so much of it edible!

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  6. I’m sorry for your loss. I’ve been enjoying your newsletters but I have never replied because I’m a piece of (busy) sh*t lately. So, ehm, consider me a stalker, haha.
    Those plants look beautiful. I wish I had a green thumb but I manage to kill mostly everything, and specially succulents…

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    1. Don’t apologize for being a mom! And I’m glad to hear that you are enjoying the NL! Yeaaa!

      I’m trying to not kill the plants either! 😛


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