sisterhood blogIt’s award season again and I’ve been nominated for my blogging performance.

*snaps open fan*

Aside from pretending I’m delivering a killer/funny/charming acceptance speech behind the mic of the Academy Awards or some Fancy-Pants literary event, I think blogging awards are a lovely way to meet other bloggers. It’s like an ice cream social, but without the awkward standing around and sticky lips.

If you, for instance, google “Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award,” you can discover reams and reams of RTW bloggers, through not only their nominations in list form, but by their answers to hand-crafted questions.

*licks lips*

Autumn from When West Dates East, in her infinite wisdom and jest, nominated me. Which I might add was truly kind of her as sometimes I wonder if all the work that I do, all those cat naps and surfing the Internet will ever pay off?

OH, and Marissa from Xiananigans nominated me too, but Autumn pretty much “suggested” that I choose her questions over Marissa’s and since I didn’t want things to get nasty (as in East Coast vs West Coast Rap gangsta style), I conceded.

// You can annihilate three world leaders or celebrities instantly. Who’s going down?

At first, I must admit, I thought about skipping this question. I mean, c’mon, I can’t off anybody. How horrible!

But then I thought, Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga – and then I started to think about more than three world leaders…

// What surprised you the most in your travels?

How much I have changed. Seriously. It’s a cliché for a reason. Even if someone told me that I would change, I’d be like, “Yeah, whatever,” but then it happens.

In Cañar, and also in Cuenca where I lived, this was a common sight. Mom with baby on back. [Ecuador, 2010]
// If you could swap your U.S. citizenship with a citizen of another country, which country would you pick? Why?

Probably England or Canada. England because I could travel and work in the EU with glorious ease and Canada because I want to live there.

// What food did you discover overseas that you now cannot live without?

Hmmm. I’m okay. I grew up pretty damn lucky in the culinary department. Hawaii has some f’n tasty food, but living overseas has made me try new things, so now I don’t think I could live without appreciating different foods.

Foods I love from Hawaii
Spam musubi = food of the gods. [Hawaii, 2015]
// Was there a moment abroad when you were proud, mortified, or afraid as a U.S. citizen? Can you tell us about it? No? Tell us anyway.

I’m mortified when another loony-with-a-gun massacre hits the news or if I can just say it in two words, “Donald Trump”.

// Finish this sentence: “I started blogging because…”

I love to write!

Nom, nom, nom.

// What’s the worst comment you ever got on a post and how did you handle it?

The worst was on my other blog, {the missing teacher}. I wrote a post about saving public education and someone said, “I can see why you were fired” kind of thing. Actually, I’ve gotten a few dingers on that blog. Generally, I let the comment stay. I figure they can look like an asshole forever.


// Did your family ever read your blog? If so, are they still speaking to you?

No one from my family reads my stuff. Well, one of my cousins read something once. And my brother has been known to stop by once in a great while, but overall, I’m not on the radar and that’s fine. It allows me great freedom.

// What little-known fact about you would surprise your readers the most?

I’m not a drinker. I could live without alcohol, which for a lot of people would seem insanity. Now, I do enjoy a stout or a nice brown ale or a glass of red wine with my meals when the mood tickles me, but I don’t drink regularly.

Guinness on tap. [Chiang Mai, 2013]

// In the last year, what would you consider your greatest personal triumph?

Getting my first book published with an audiobook, too, I’d say was a pretty big deal.


Now, I have to nominate other bloggers, but like the last time, I’m going to forgo nominations and let my readers answer these questions if they feel the urge.

// What book/s changed your point of view?
// What’s your favorite kind of music?
// What does a perfect day look like?
// Do you have any phobias or fears?
// What’s your sign, baby?

Thanks again, Autumn and Marissa. Hugs from hot Cambodia.

32 replies on “I’ve been nominated for my blogging performance.

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  1. Congrats on the award, Lani. Do take a bow. Maybe two as I applaud here from my corner of the world. Your blog is unique, the expat life and travels rolled into one and I thoroughly enjoy reading it. You know it 😉

    And the spam makes an appearance again. Now you really got me wanting to eat spam again. It’s so bad but to be honest, it never fails to fill me up.

    Never knew none of your family reads your blog. Doesn’t sound like it bothers you. Mine does not read my blog or writing either, and I have no problem with it. Not sure how to play this but to answer your questions.

    – The Little Prince. The book taught me to see the world like a kid again
    – Music from dancing dubstep violinist Lindsey Stirling. Florence + the Machine, and saw the band in concert a couple of days ago
    – No such thing as a perfect day. Each day is different and I live for each day
    – Spiders. Heights, and which is why I like to live on a low level in apartments. And I generally like to be close the ground and feel “earthly”
    – My sign? I’m a Taurus 😀

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    1. You’re a Taurus like me! Ha! So you are awesome, naturally.

      Thanks for answering the questions. I probably would have nominated you anyway, so that is fitting.

      Yeah, I don’t think Asian families take the “writing” “hobby” too seriously. I got A LOT of resistence when I said I wanted to be a writer. They finally stopped fighting me once they realize I was going to do what I wanted anyway.

      Hmmm. Spam.

      Thanks for the love, Mabel!

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    1. Thanks! I had forgotten about it until I had the question and then it was much worst than I remembered it. Funny, huh?


  2. I love it! I knew you would be hilarious. Thanks so much for taking the time to answer my questions. I rather like Lady Gaga, but, yeah, if you’re going to Canada some day, you’d better clear out Bieber. When I get to NH and you get to Canada, we will meet in Montreal for hard cider and poutine. Bring your fan.

    Kinda surprised you didn’t pick Trump, though. 😉

    Yeah, commenter #TotalAsshole deserves to be enshrined — but not engaged — forever.

    Well done.

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    1. Gaga lost me after her plastic surgery. She looks so much more generic now. Plus, she collaborated with Jeff Koons who I despite as much as dictators. So Gaga is out.


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      1. I just noticed it. Now I seem like a celebrity stalker, but that’s the nice thing about being abroad I’m not inundated with Am. celebs and advertising.

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  3. Jeez, that is a zinger of a comment! And they were brave enough to do it anonymously as well. *snort*

    These little awards are definitely a great way to learn a bit more about other bloggers out there – they’re fab!

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    1. Yeah, I’m okay with negative comments. I mean, you have to be if you put your self out there. It’s pathetic that people feel the need to be nasty, but there you have it. Behind the brave wall of anon. 😛


      1. Definitely in the same corner as you on that. Gotta be prepared for it if you’re putting your pov out there. Prepared but not ruffled.

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  4. Congratulations on your nomination Lani!
    I enjoyed reading and getting to know more about you.
    In Nigeria where I grew up, mom with baby on back, was quite common.
    I recognized the photo of Spam musubi = food of the gods, from one of your earlier posts 🙂

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  5. Congrats Lani on your nomination.

    P/s I now have my pix in a Dropbox folder, a good handful of them are yet to be labelled n trimmed etc.Took hours to download. Will share pix with you when ready.

    At the mo, I am very busy trying to get my work ready for the next couple of weeks so I can escape to another city. I feel like a battery chicken being cooped up.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahhaa. No. Battery chicken. Not good! I hope your escape is easy and painless 🙂 and looking forward to your pics. Cheers!


  6. I used to be so good about responding to the awards that others nominated me for in the blogging world, but am soooo bad about it now. I loved reading and getting to know more about you. 🙂 I am going to answer your questions, because they are fun! // What book/s changed your point of view?
    // What’s your favorite kind of music? 90’s Alternative and/or Classical
    // What does a perfect day look like? Traveling to and walking around somewhere I have never been before.
    // Do you have any phobias or fears? Heights, and my daughter getting hit by a bicycle on a sidewalk (I know it’s weird).
    // What’s your sign, baby? Virgo
    xoxox 🙂

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    1. Virgo! My sister sign. Awesome 😛

      Your perfect day and mine match up. Although there are perfect days at home, too.

      Cheers for the love, xxoo

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