I love it when bugs show up conveniently.


That’s kind of the cool thing about living in the tropics. You always see these crazy bugs. I feel like it’s rare to see the same ones, too.

@Wat Doi Ngam Muang, 2014

Of course, you might see this kind of scariness under the roof of your local temple. Yes, those are bees!

Wat Doi Ngam Muang

Ahhh, that’s better. Let us rest our eyes on some pretty and colorful leis and a horse statue and then run away from the bee factory as quickly as we can.

Bliss. And one of the reasons why I like CR.
I like the yellow ribbon in the wind.

We don’t have these kinds of gates back in the States. And it’s taken me a long time to appreciate their beauty. They are certainly better than their rolling metal counterparts that sound like screeching thunder.

Pork toasties, Golden Triangle Cafe

It’s been great to continue to uncover delicious food here and I know we have barely scratched the town’s services.

Kanom jeap, Lert Ros

Food makes everything better, right?

Lastly, I’ll leave you with Jompon Coffee and Baan Jompon P Pibulsongkram, or the Home of Field Marshal Field Marshal P Pibulsongkram. The Field Marshal’s home is a military museum located next to the coffee shop.

It’s one of those hidden and tucked away spots not too far from the Dusit Island Resort. Even better, it is on top of a hill surrounded by tall trees.

Hugs from the rai.



8 replies on “You catch my eye Chiang Rai (bugs and stuff)

  1. At first I couldn’t find the bees under the roof of the temple. Then I realised they were sort of pretending to be a big black slab 😀 I am sure they were all making buzzing noises together. That really is a lot of bees, I hope you kept your distance, Lani.

    Oh, those jail-like doors. Many shophouses and even houses have these doors in Malaysia, even up until today. I grew up going in and out of them at my uncle’s sundry shop to get some ice cream 😀 When I moved back to Melbourne, it was such a shock to see no doors of this kind – all houses were so open and free, a great deal of trust here in “lack of security”.

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    1. Yes, I know. I remember when I was in Ecuador and being shocked at the jail-like bars in front of stores. You can’t even go in the store, you have to tell them what you want from the window. So, there’s your higher level of security!

      It was also common to see men outside of banks with assault rifles and semi-automatics. It’s all part of the norm though.

      Yes, I stayed away from the bees!!!!


      1. Actually, it was like that in Malaysia too when I was living there. My uncle’s sundry shop – along with many others would look like they were closed with their closed gates and bars. We had to knock on the door and shout who we were before my uncle opened to gates 😀

        Ah, the security guards with the guns at the bank. That is how Malaysia rolls too.


      2. Really? Oh, yes, you’re right. I do remember that now! I’ve only been to KL twice, but I remember the guns. Quite out in the open and such…the bars on shops, not so much, but my roaming radius was small in the scope of things. Huh!

        It’s funny because today we went to the “walking street” market and there was a vendor that was not there and I was waiting for them to return because I wanted some veggies. My b/f pointed out the basket of money just sitting there within arm’s reach on the other side of the produce. It’s a different world over here!

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  2. So pretty! I am salivating over the food. Dying. I’m going to order myself a Thai cookbook for Christmas because I cannot get any good Asian food here, so I need to make some myself. Intimidated (lemongrass, for example), but going to give it a shot.

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    1. Yeah, I’m spoiled. I remember being in Asian food-free wastelands. It’s tough, even if the landscape and surroundings were stunning. Get cooking! I tried to find my favorite Thai cookbook, but I don’t see it in print. Pok Pok should be good though…it depends on what you like. Happy cooking in your new beautiful kitchen 🙂

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  3. Oh wow, the bees give me goose bumps. Talking about bugs – I was once bitten by some kind of insect in Chiang Mai, but fortunately, we ran across an old man selling some kind of “fortune nut” (I don’t know the real name) with leaves that heal insect bites. That was really cool.


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