Valentine’s Day faded red. Kisses for you.

There is nothing particularly beautiful about these pictures. They are merely what catches my eye while I am walking. I’m afraid I’m drawn to the mundane. Although, I think it’s a mistake to think something is boring.

I like to read about ordinary people. Some of my favorite historical fictions are from the point of view of the sister or the “nobody” of the famous person. So maybe this pull towards quiet things derives from wondering what the perspective would be from the person who’s doing the least amount of talking in a room.

The same can be said about the things we pass by everyday. In other words, I like to see the beauty and the celebrity in the common. It’s easy to take a photo of something beautiful and breathtaking. It’s more challenging to look at something through a different viewfinder.  *valley girl accent* I just like to look at things.

The downside to this is I can’t look at people when I’m talking because I find them to be too distracting when I’m trying to say something. When they are talking, I look at them, of course. But when I’m talking I usually look away. If what I’m trying to say is taking a lot of effort, I can’t look at him or her. And if we are in a public place together I like to look around.

To most people, my behavior is considered rude. I’ve had people try to put themselves in front of my wandering eyes when I’m talking. It’s kind of funny, actually. They wiggle to get my attention as if to say, “Hello! I’m over here!” and I know why they are doing it, but I’m just fishing for the right words and analyzing you takes a certain kind of energy. Although, if I don’t know you very well, I try not to let my eyes leave your face when you are talking.

Door number one.  Where is door number two?
Door number one. Where is door number two?
There is a lot of Chinese touches or influences in Chiang Rai.
Luck is better served good.
Gateway to rust.


Hong Thong, Red Bull and leaf.


Police box and blue.


Can you hear me? Can you hear me now?
Let’s not get our wires crossed again.

12 replies on “You catch my eye Chiang Rai

  1. I do the same thing (looking away while talking) I thought it was my inability to focus, but what you said makes sense to me. Hmmm…
    I love the pictures. The wires is so classic Thailand. 🙂 they scare me to death the way things are wired here sometimes.

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  2. The wiring in Thailand is truly frightening for a farang. It looks so very temporary.

    Which is what I see as an underlying theme in most of your pictures, impermance. The old and decaying in contrast to the new and attractive e.g. the banged up old door next to the new bright shop in the background, or the ugly temporary police wiring against the fresh blue paint. Impermanence in Thailand is what I picture when I see an old statue of Buddha chipped and battered by nature in a garden that is surrounding and overcoming the statue. Like your photos.

    I am that quiet person in the corner of the room and there you have my thoughts.

    re: eye contact. As a hearing impaired person I read lips which means I have an intensity of focus on your face when you are talking. Some have told me this is intimidating and others that it is flattering as it demonstrate interest in the person. You might not even notice, LOL. To each his own.

    Yeah, I enjoyed your photos and continue to be a big fan of yours, thanks.

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    1. Thank you. Impermanence, huh? Insightful. Considering the climate in T-land these days, it feels appropriate, too. Let’s add ‘subborness’ to the conversation while we’re at it.

      Ahhh, staring to listen is different than staring to be intimidating. I met a woman who used her age to get uncomfortably close to my face and try to intimiate me. And I have to admit a bit of a “game on” attitude comes over me when folks try to do that.

      God, she was weird. Some of the expats you meet here! She’d be a character study. Interest is good. Too much is creepy. 555+

      Just don’t read lips and bridge your hands and ask deeply personal questions! 😛 Thanks again, Jim!!!


  3. It’s the little things that make life interesting and the details that give a place its very own identity. Love pic #2.

    Wiggling people – their behavior sounds kind of rude in it’s own right.


    1. I think they are just trying to get my attention because my eyes are not on them. They assume I’m being weird by avoiding them, is my guess.

      And I agree, details = interesting! Hugs.


  4. Great photos, Lani. I wouldn’t expect to have those types of speaking behaviours. Am surprised. There may be reason …yet to be uncovered deep down.

    After all, you’re a teacher now.

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