My favorite feature

Update: as of today, 19th of November, 2014, Random Post is no longer an option.

My favorite WordPress feature is the Random Post option. It’s the equivalent of flipping through a book and landing your finger on a page to find a quote you like or today’s meaning of life.


Or closing your eyes and choosing something out of your closet (Egats! Never!). Or fanning out a deck of cards and blindly picking one.

I wonder if anyone else uses theirs. I use mine regularly. The reason being is I’m sort of new to WP, but I’m not new to blogging. I’ve been blogging consistently since 2009 and I started off on blogger.

Although prior to 2009, blogger or hadn’t worked out the kinks yet, so it was a frustrating platform to work with. In fact, I quit using it because of all the formatting problems. When I returned, it was because blogger had vastly improved. I still have one of my blogs there.

A colleague convinced me to move my Thailand blog over to a paid WP site which I did for about a year. But the hosting company turned out to be one of my biggest regrets. I started encountering problems and despite a “money back guarantee,” I never got my money back.

So that turned me away from paying for a vanity web address and hosting. I wrote about my big blogging mistakes here. But then my best friend was having good success with his site, so I switched my blog over. This leads me to Random Post.

Even though I had gone through all of my previous posts (and at this point I have almost 400) after the move, I still find mistakes and formatting problems. I also started off by not putting pictures in my posts and now I usually have at least one. So, the Random Post feature allows me to “pick out a card,” “choose a dress” and “flip to a page” with the ease of a click.

Not only can I fix any problems or make adjustments, I can look back into my archives, like I would a diary entry, and see where I was at in my expat story. I also use it to post old content on Twitter. And even if I hadn’t changed blogging platforms, I’ve changed themes, and with each theme change comes its own tweaking as well.

But I stop myself from deleting posts I don’t like or making drastic changes. Maybe I will in the future, but for now I like the Random Post option and I wish would develop a Random Post button for readers because I think it’s a nice and quick way to get a sample of what your favorite bloggers have done before you found them 🙂 (*Although if you are on you can go to the top left corner and see Random Posts of other bloggers)

Do you use Random Post? What’s your favorite feature?

8 thoughts on “My favorite feature

  1. Oh I hope they do create one for readers….I think there’s a plugin for it on, but they should add it to too. That’s such a good idea!


    1. Yeah, I saw that it was available for .org but not .com. Maybe they will do it. *fingers crossed* They’ve already added related posts, so why not random? 🙂


  2. Ive never used it but will have to try it on my site ^^ Its hard to say which is a favourite bc Im finding out more features that absolutely useful as as another feature. But I definitely enjoy the instagram feature. It gives a site a bit of a personal feel to it, if done right I guess ^^ thanks for the post !!


    1. There are definitely a lot of good ones which makes WP such a good platform. My friend likes the “distraction free writing” and I also like the shortlink option. Good luck, and thanks!


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