While shopping at a handicraft store (popular with the Japanese tourists), I saw this leaflet. As soon as I saw that it was in Chinese, I was amused. Given the recent reputation of the Chinese in Thailand, specifically Chiang Mai I took it, thinking it was in Chinese, English and Thai. Plus I was curious to know what TAT wanted to say to the tourists.

But it’s not in Thai. What can I say? I’m disappointed it’s not in Thai too. If you were Thai, wouldn’t you want to know what was being said?

The funny thing about rules is, it should apply to everyone. Often people follow the behavior of others – especially when in a new country or place, so they can understand what is considered acceptable. But what do I know, the rules are in English, so that means they are directed at me.



18 replies on “Useful Tips for a Happy Holiday in Thailand (by TAT)

  1. Notice it says to always stop at “zebra crossroads to let all pedestrians cross first”. That is the law in Thailand. I don’t think anyone who drives through the crosswalks anyways doesn’t actually know that they are breaking the law AND being an asshole. But it seems recently it’s harder to cross the road without cars refusing to stop, slow down, or even not speed up to make a point.


    1. That’s what I was thinking, and why I wanted it to be in Thai too. But I wish they would repaint them, and stop putting signs up “CM is a walking and cycling city” because it’s obvious it is not.


  2. the suggestions for queing in lines and driving safety made me laugh. i wish! thanks for an interesting post.


  3. I appreciate you posting this. I have to remember this is for the entire country and not just Chiang Mai. On our travels we have heard many Americans speaking two languages………..English and English Louder!
    I really wish more people had common courtesy. I knew that you could not bring in or take out any Buddha Images, but didn’t know it was 12 cm or 4 3/4 inches. Do I tourists need to bring a tape measure to the markets? LOL


    1. Maybe. Interesting that you caught that. Are Buddha images worth more if they are bigger? I know that seems like a silly question, but can’t they control the size of the images for sale? It just seems weird, but then again, I’m not purchasing Buddha images.


  4. Zebra Crossings! I guess all those folks trying to run us down in the Zebra Crossings must have been foreigners who didn’t know the rules. LOL


  5. Thanks, Lani, that’s great. I do wish there were containers for litter.
    On the queueing up issue, I walked into a bank in BKK, walked right up to the counter, transacted my business, and then on the way out noticed one of those number ticket machines like we see in delis. Oops! Yes there were some Thais sitting on chairs no doubt politely waiting their turns and thinking how rude I was.


    1. Good point! One of the biggest issues I’ve had with CM is the lack of trash cans. Years ago, when I went up to Chiang Rai I was impressed by all those little tires-turned-trash bins down every street. Supposedly, CM doesn’t have rubbish cans because they are afraid of bombs – seriously. But trash is a big problem here overall.

      Ahhh, yes. The ‘ol ticket cue. We don’t have them in the US. I mean, not really, unless you could Baskin Robbins back in the day 😀 just not as common, eh? Now I look for them all the time!


  6. Very interesting – especially the spitting.
    I’m happy to see it’s not customary in Thailand, I can’t say the same in Korea. Tis’ a part of the day to avoid little shiny spit spots on the sidewalks.
    ~Andrea ❤


    1. Really? Korea too, huh? That sucks. Such a crude and distasteful habit. All spitting in pubic should be banned (as well as outdoor urination in the city)!


      1. It’s not the spitting that bothers me as much as the sound that accompanies it…like the most deep down, giant hoark you’ve ever heard. It’s frightening at times – The main suspects are the elderly.
        You don’t want to be walking in front of them when that sound occurs. 🙂


      2. I hate it all – the sound, the projection, the glob of nastiness on the sidewalk. Ug!!!!


  7. Wow this is pretty well done! Have been to Thailand twice before and planning a month trip with family in July. I wish that things will settle quickly for you guys and that you can move on. You have a beautiful country and people and it would be a pity not to resolve the current situation in peaceful and constructive ways. And I hope that we can indeed visit in July 🙂 .Thanks for sharing and all the best xox


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