Art in Paradise is a fun and creative museum experience for Chiang Mai residents and visitors. I heard about it when it opened back in July, but then promptly forgot about it until I had to entertain a friend from Bangkok.

Korean Jang Kyu Suk set up this “illusion or 3D art” museum, along with 14 professional artists from his homeland to create exciting and quirky paintings. Plan at least a couple of hours to take pictures, and get creative.

If tuk tuk or red truck drivers do not know where it is, then them you want to go to the Shangri-la Hotel (it’s on Chang Klan, but no need to say the road). Once at the Shangri-la, keep walking for another minute and then you see it on the same side.

Hours are 9-9, Mon-Sun. 300 baht for adults (180 for Thais).
Wow. Where am I?
Professional diver.
Don’t forget to get close and admire the artists’ amazing work.


There are different themes or zones, like the underwater zone. But keep in mind sometimes you have to take off your shoes before you participate in a landscape.

Also some pictures look best if you stand on the red dots you will see on the floor. It’s all about creating that perspective or “illusion.”

Hey, it’s the eastern zone!


This was fun, and fun to watch what other people did.

But I really liked discovering the mirror in the Egypt zone. I don’t think folks understood what it was for. In fact, it took us a little bit to figure it out and then it was hilarious.



Okay. I’ll spare you the other pictures. Go with a charged battery! They have bathrooms/WCs/washrooms along the way, so don’t fret (really soft TP too). Coffee shop and food as well. Did I forget anything else? Here’s their link.

Until next time, see you later πŸ™‚

9 replies on “Art in Paradise: 3D art in Chiang Mai

    1. Too many pictures to choose from. Yes, the fish is well done. I mean, not well done, but well done. OH, just don’t eat the fish.


  1. Love it thanks for sharing. Just sad we missed it, left Chiang Mai today after spending a month. Good news is back next year with my husband to live, so will check it out then. Cheers Helen


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