Looking for something to read during your holiday travels and time off? Look no further! Yeah, put down that Kindle, it’s so bourgeois. Instead reach for your favorite proletariat bloggers.

I hope my year in review, my favorite posts will inspire or entertain you, and perhaps make you follow me and shout from rooftops or moving vehicles, โ€œLani is amazing!โ€

Hey, itโ€™s just a thought.

January: The day poetry saved me from myself (and why I love pillows).

February: Punchbowl Cemetery

One of the things I did this year was take poetry and creative writing classes from my friend Sandra. It’s been a great way to get back into poetry and meet new friends.

March: 5 Things you should know about Thai culture

April: Rant about men and work in the Land of Smiles

I’ve decided I get to choose 2 for my birthday month ๐Ÿ™‚

May: Looking back: My favorite pics from Ecuador
Lesson planning advice from EFL teachers

June: What expats donโ€™t talk about (part 2)

July: Who do you write for? An audience or you?

August: Weekend Getaway to Phayao

September: Life before expat

October: What brought you to Thailand?

November: How to deal with Internet bullies

And for the ultimate in merry making, check out my contest entry at expatsblog’s under December: Ten things Thailand has taught me

Of course you could also buy me art or a beach vacation. But I know you’d prefer to just read my posts and leave glowing remarks and consider it done. Okay, but I just wanted to add that I like chocolate too.

Happy Holidays!!!

5 replies on “My favorite posts from 2013

  1. Nice idea. mind if I swipe it? Feel free to yell “Swiper, no swiping!”

    I’ll respect your decision.

    PS. “Lani is amazing!”

    PPS. ^Totally not blowing smoke.

    PPPS. ^Or am I?


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