Looking for something to read during your holiday travels and time off? Look no further! Yeah, put down that Kindle, it’s so bourgeois. Instead reach for your favorite proletariat bloggers.

I hope my year in review, my favorite posts will inspire or entertain you, and perhaps make you follow me and shout from rooftops or moving vehicles, “Lani is amazing!”

Hey, it’s just a thought.

January: The day poetry saved me from myself (and why I love pillows).

February: Punchbowl Cemetery

One of the things I did this year was take poetry and creative writing classes from my friend Sandra. It’s been a great way to get back into poetry and meet new friends.

March: 5 Things you should know about Thai culture

April: Rant about men and work in the Land of Smiles

I’ve decided I get to choose 2 for my birthday month 🙂

May: Looking back: My favorite pics from Ecuador
Lesson planning advice from EFL teachers

June: What expats don’t talk about (part 2)

July: Who do you write for? An audience or you?

August: Weekend Getaway to Phayao

September: Life before expat

October: What brought you to Thailand?

November: How to deal with Internet bullies

And for the ultimate in merry making, check out my contest entry at expatsblog’s under December: Ten things Thailand has taught me

Of course you could also buy me art or a beach vacation. But I know you’d prefer to just read my posts and leave glowing remarks and consider it done. Okay, but I just wanted to add that I like chocolate too.

Happy Holidays!!!

4 replies on “My favorite posts from 2013

  1. Nice idea. mind if I swipe it? Feel free to yell “Swiper, no swiping!”

    I’ll respect your decision.

    PS. “Lani is amazing!”

    PPS. ^Totally not blowing smoke.

    PPPS. ^Or am I?


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