On the lookout for new places to nosh? (Do people still use the word nosh?) Okay, I asked some friends just for you.

Janice, American foodie
I like the Salad Terrace for the huge fresh salads and good meat. I also like the Mexican-style popsicles made from fresh fruit juices. It’s off Chang Puak near the big Burmese temple. They moved, so check out their FB page for the new place. (Generally a good idea in Thailand anyway.) It’s one of the few restaurants open on Sundays and Mondays, but closed on Wednesdays.

Bri, South African vegetarian
Khun Churn’s on Nimmanhemein Soi 17. The outdoor, fresh-air atmosphere is lovely and the food is yummy! I can’t go there without ordering more than one plate of taste sensation. Gotta try the watermelon lemonade *drooool* (60 baht and up. )

Update: they are moving!
Update: Kuhn Churn is moving!

Yuko, Nepali vegan
I like The Salad Concept, but its hella expensive.

Salad – hella expensive.

Pierre, French-Canadian meat lover
A past favorite was Su Casa, best tapas in town by far, and a creme chocolat to die for, but it has been replaced by Beer Republic (for location).  My favorite…hmmm….tough choice but I would go with Ninja Ramen on Siri-something, parallel to Nimman, in front on Apple shop. Very good ramen, good sushi, good everything. Perfect comfort food. I love Japanese food and this place is usually packed and full of Japanese (always a good sign). Service is fast too. Price range: about 100 baht for a ramen. Or if you eat like a pig, probably around 300 baht. Very good price/quality ratio.

Kami, South African Indian
There’s a restaurant here that’s not exactly where you take a person on a date or anything, but it has wonderful tandoori chicken and naan for around 200 baht. Also I like the masala tea! It’s a little slice of home to me because the owners are ‘real’ Indian people! Lol! New Delhi on Rathwithi.

new delhi

Simon, British “Hugh Grant-like” nice guy
I really like Tam Jai Sung, a Burmese place on Sermsuk road (head off Huay Kaew quite near to Amazing Sandwich). Everything is in the 30 to 80 baht range so it’s a nice upgrade from street food. The tamarind leaf salad is one of my favourite things to eat here.

I also submit the khao kha muu stall at Chang Puak gate where the woman wears a cowboy hat!

Ingrid, Australian-American rock star
I’m gonna say Tea Tree, middle of Sompet Market, Moon Muang Soi 6. Amazing veg/vegan food (Red Curry Vegan Flatbread!), great chai’s and herbal teas and a lovely atmosphere. The owner is really sweet/friendly, you can sit all day and be comfortable, no one’s gonna hover or kick you out if you only buy one drink, and they create a space for people to share activities, put on workshops, including a weekly yoga class and movie night. It’s my favorite!


Jessica, American Princeton in Asia fellow
Could I do two?! I can’t decide! Cat House (Off the east moat road, 70-120 THB) The Cat House is my jam. It’s a genius fusion of Mexican and Thai, which is an obvious, yet previously undiscovered, recipe for delicious spice-filled food. Curry burrito, chicken-veggie Thai quesadilla, and Curry-chutney sandwich are some of my favorite dishes, all in huge true-American portions. My absolute favorite is the Nachos – more like a huge plate of crack nachos. It actually used to be on the “secret menu” until it became so wildly popular, they created a whole new paper menu to add it on the list. Not to mention, the refreshing banana ginger lassie or pineapple basil! (I’d like to add that there is now the Cat Shack behind the Irish Pub on Rathvithi.)

I concur. The Cat House is delish genius and all rolled up into a good price too. Hail Jacky!

Khaw Kaeng Pak Tai (Canal Rd. near Wat Jed Yod, 40-80 THB) This wonderful local Southern Thai food restaurant is a family style occasion. Always filled to the brim during the lunch hour, the place serves up super tasty (and sometimes, super freakin spicy) curries, fried fish, chicken and veggies. They have a front counter with all their lunch options on display: your group chooses from the pots, then they serve it to your table with steamed rice and a big serving plate of fresh raw veggies. My favorites are the bitter melon sweet soupy pot, the fish and the perfectly spiced chicken. (“Crying-my-eyes-out spicy” is not really my thing, so avoid the curries if you share the sentiment.)

Aye, Burmese American, Chili Lime Garlic expert
Have you been to Magical Garden cafe? Support a good cause? Yes! You can do that if you eat there. Learn more about Magical Light Foundation how they they build schools in Burma, educate young children who may not be able to afford to otherwise here in Chiang Mai and inside Burma and so much more. I get chills thinking about the people who are behind the scenes dedicated to this organization. You can also order holiday gifts of food from them! Please stop by for a visit and spread the word too!

Lani (me!), American glutton
SP chicken is the bomb diggidy. It moved from its Si Poom (north side of the moat) location to the street left of Wat Phra Sing (if you are facing the wat). So go to the new location! They are best known for their delicious roasted chicken. Whenever I go, I order half a bird, papaya salad, sticky rice, and a beer. This meal for 2 is about 120 baht. So very Thai and so very good.



Where do you like to eat? ^ ^

12 replies on “Where do Chiang Mai expats like to eat?

  1. I think I’ve only been to two of these places. I’m already looking forward to updates. And I wanna’ try all of them.


    1. Yeah. I enjoyed hearing about my friends favorite places. Salad Terrace is good, but tricky to find. I’m curious about the Burmese place Simon recommended as I haven’t had Burmese food in awhile. Cheers!


      1. Lani! We’re meeting Janice there today for lunch but, girl, I will forever think of lunches with you at niman Burmese. Xxx

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Awww, thanks Sara. Have fun and enjoy CM. (I’m sure you’ve noticed how much it has changed!)


  2. I have friends heading to Chiang Mai in a couple of days. I’m forwarding this list to them. Great timing!


  3. Hey Lani! I had to comment and say I agree with Bri – Khun Churn is to die for. But she didn’t mention the daily feast/buffet? What’s up with that? It’s unmissable, for carnivores and veg-lovers alike. Actually, here’s my post on it, since it’s my favourite in Chiang Mai (I warn you, there’s a stupid amount of food photos): http://marketofeden.blogspot.com/2013/09/khun-churn-vegetarian-restaurant-buffet.html

    Also, Cat House is great! Who knew Mexican + Thai food were born to be best buddies? 😉


  4. Hi Lani. Great blog! Tried SP chicken last night per your recommendation. It was very good but we managed to spend 215 baht for 2 for: half-chicken, pork salad, mixed veggies, rice and 1 water. Still a pretty good deal for when we like to “splurge” once a week or so lol.


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