Our destination, the Chiang Mai Aquarium located at the CM Zoo.

But first, a hearty breakfast at Angel’s Secrets πŸ™‚
Nom, nom, nom.


Mr. Mud Skipper.
I {heart} catfish


  • Check out the aquarium website: http://www.chiangmaiaquarium.com/ for some basic information.
  • The aquarium is located a good distance from the zoo entrance, I’d recommend taking the free tram up the hill.
  • To catch a ride back into town, get out on Huey Kaew (the main road). Red trucks will be parked on the right side as a lot of them are taking folks up Doi Suthep.
  • Just like any zoo and aquarium, expect it to be busy during Thai holidays and weekends.
  • Bring water. The aquarium is not big but big enough to get thirsty. There will be snacks on the lower level, or about halfway through the displays.
  • The zoo is worth checking out as well. It’s a hilly setup so wear comfortable shoes!

3 replies on “Age of Aquarium: a visit to the Chiang Mai Zoo

  1. OMG, loved the dorks picture! You’re totally the kind of person I’d love to hang with. πŸ™‚
    The tunnel reminds me of an aquarium in San Francisco I took Aidan to for his birthday. And those noodles? Did thay taste as good as they looked???


    1. 55 Thanks Amy πŸ™‚ Yeah, Monterey Bay has a lovely aquarium if you haven’t gone. Actually, I love visiting aquariums. Surprised it took me so long to hit CM. Yes, the noodles were yummy πŸ˜›


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