“Waterfall pork” w/ sticky rice at that Issan place on Ratchadamnern Soi 1.

The most popular Vietnamese dish in Chiang Mai, make your own rice paper ‘burrito’.
My birthday party face which I love b/c it reminds me of my Grandma. I look just like her ❀ Swiss roll cake from Grace the Fine Bakery in Hang Dong…
Sweet potato fries from the Cat House
Chicken quesadillas also from the Cat House
Mixed veggies w/ chix and brown rice at Sunee’s
Your standard street fare, meat on a stick, fishcake/balls on a stick, hot dogs on a stick…
Leo, the king of beers in Thailand
Doraemon topped treats
Red curry at Chit Chai Restaurant
My half of a shared CSA box (they deliver!)
Crispy basil chicken from Jok Somphet Restaurant
Closeup of meat on a stick in its glistening glory
More yummy Vietnamese, love those pork wrapped betel leaves

Whew! I’m hungry!!!

2 replies on “Everyday food sampler from Chiang Mai

  1. The “Chicken quesadillas from the Cat House” look the best to me. That sauce! The hot dogs and other stuff on sticks in the first photo though… I’ve NEVER stopped to look at those sort of morsels. Well, the BBQ’s chicken on the opposite end would catch my eye, but the anomalous meats industrially fashioned into various shapes and skewered is viscerally repellent.


    1. I feel like I have gotten so used to food on a stick and it’s various meat parts that I don’t even pay attention anymore, except in passing.

      But I like the weird and the strange (at least from our perspective) especially when I can just look and not try! But I’ve tried a lot already!!!


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