Sunday Market at sundown…
The Chedi at Wat SiChompoo
The Cat House Ganesh, now with Fusion!
Typical ice cream truck with balloon shaped machine guns.
We crossed the street from the overcrowded Sompet Market, into this.
Chit Chai Cat and Eric – now performing – Meow Meow.
Fish and friend
I don’t know its name but I dub thee ‘firecracker soda pop’
Spirit houses on an old brick chedi.
A Matador network community friend told me to eat a khao soy in his honor, I was happy to oblige.
The pink bag in the mint green window caught my eye, then she did.

with love, from CM, xxoo,

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4 replies on “Around Town

  1. You got some nice pics in there. There’s the graffiti fish, which is the very rare graffiti that I actually dig. Also like that you took a picture of a handbag in a window just because you fancied the colors (which, incidentally, match the color scheme of your blog).

    The firecracker soda pop plant is well-named.


    1. Thanks! I want to say I have a ‘thing’ for fishes but that sounds weird. The handbag was a lucky shot b/c by the time I got my camera out, the woman appeared and I had already taken the pic…she probably was wondering what I was doing!


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