Well, my now dear readers, you know how much I like to do a yearly reflection. This year will be no different, especially since we are ushering in the dawning of the Age of Aquarius.

A friend told me he could never write what I write. I guess he considers me too personal, too open. Or maybe I lack the kind of shame that good people possess. I’ve had other people tell me that I’m honest, direct and funny.

I kind of see myself as SPAM. I come in many exciting flavors and either you like me or you don’t. Hello SPAM eaters…

2012 or 2555 was a year of Big Mac changes that came in bite size pieces.  I moved back into town. I cut my hair, after 6 years of long hair, to short. I finally got that women’s writers group started, with a lot of help. So much help in fact, that folks don’t know I was the one who put the advert out. I got my own domain name! I started podcasting. I signed another year working at lovely language school. And I also learned a great deal about myself through a personal relationship.

I took a post from every month, my favorites, for you to enjoy. Of course, by you I mean me. I write for me first and maybe that is why people like what I write. I have no shame…xxoo, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

November: http://tellthaiheart.com/what-thais-want-tourists-to-know/

October: http://tellthaiheart.com/students-draw-me/

September: http://tellthaiheart.com/adventures-in-efl-teaching-prologue

August: http://tellthaiheart.com/practicing-generosity/

July: http://tellthaiheart.com/what-i-wished-i-knew-before-coming-to-thailand/

June: http://tellthaiheart.com/the-year-of-the-cat-has-come-to-an-end/

May: http://tellthaiheart.com/thailand-is-the-wild-wild-west/

April: the controversial, http://tellthaiheart.com/do-hi-so-thais-lack-culture/

March: http://tellthaiheart.com/is-chiang-mai-safe/

February: http://tellthaiheart.com/from-chiang-mai-with-love/

January: http://tellthaiheart.com/lack-of-originality/

4 replies on “Looking Back: 2012

  1. Oh, and a woefully belated but very Merry Christmas to you, too!

    We look forward to every delicious post [shamelessly vicarious readers that we are, ha!]. Curious, I found that we do have some turkey Spam in the cupboard, which should be fine until the next Mayan Apocalypse. But, I don’t know that Spam marks the really good writers out there.

    Recently discovered your podcasts, so we’re getting behind the power curve. Hope that 2013 is a great year for your continuing teaching adventures.


    1. Thanks Ken! You are too sweet. You must balance out your sweetness by eating sour things. This is what I do, so this is why I can recommend these things, you see.

      Mayan Apocalypse…excellent name for a music band, I think you have stumbled upon something truly great. Turkey Spam is not too shabby either.

      Sawadii bpii mai ka! Kor hai mee kwam sook, kor hai choke dii duay.


  2. Happy New Year Lani! Sharing a post a month is a grand idea. I’m behind in my post reading (been a back-to-back year) so it’s great to find your favourites on a plate 🙂


    1. Happy New Year to you too! I see you posted something similar. I’ll have to catch up 🙂 Hope you are well, xxoo


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