I love milestones.  I’ve been so busy with work lately and it’s because I signed on for another year, my third year teaching in Thailand! OMG! Before Thailand (hereafter referred to as BT), I was in a committed relationship. My social network was small and I found myself having a difficult time relating to popular news and mainstream Americana.

But after Thailand (AT), I’m free as those birds that have been let out of those damn baskets. I have many dear friends and have met folks from all over the world. I’m reaching out more and folks are reaching back! It’s a beautiful world, and like my tee shirt says, “Life is good.

You have to understand, my Thai mom in America, even Hawaii, is different than my Thai mom in her own country, in her element. She’s just another immigrant worker in the US. But here, she is a bit of a celebrity, most likely the first person in her village or town to leave Thailand. She’s respected here, and her words have weight and wisdom. It’s good for me to see her like this. Ideally we should all look up to our parents.

Here we are in front of my father’s name and my name at our family temple in Lamphun.

I’m looking forward to spending more time with her. She’s always full of stories, and I’m a willing listener. I also can’t think of a more generous person I know. I’d like to think I’ve learned how to be a giving and thoughtful person because of her modeling. I’ll write more about her later!

In the meantime, I’m sure I’m forgetting other wonderful ways my life has changed since living here, but like so many changes we go through in life, I’m sure the changes I’m going through will be savored long after I’ve realized they have taken place.




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