This month all I had time for was one book, but it was 672 pages, so that counts as two novels, right?

War Storm is the last in the series.

In January, I summarized the Red Queen story, so if you’re interested, I’d definitely have a look. But here’s my quick version once again if you don’t want to click over: The series is set in an US versus THEM world, a place in which you are born either a Silver or a Red. And these colors refer to your blood type. Silvers rule because they have special abilities (see X-Men), but the story centers around a Red (ala Hunger Games), Mare Barrow, who discovers by accident that she has powers like a Silver.

Aveyard does a great job of wrapping everything up, keeping the reader interested, and leading us in the direction we want the story to go without becoming too predicable. Pretty remarkable considering how much she wrote, and if you’re a real diehard fan, there are six additional novellas to keep you happy.

On a personal note, I’ve all but disappeared on social. But maybe I should change that. It’s just hard because I have no energy these days — get ready for work, go to work, come home, and barely make it to 9 pm before passing out. I’m unhappy, but my husband and Mom(s) help me as much as they can. I’m afraid if I go on social, I’ll end up venting, and someone from work will see.

Even on my newsletter, I try to keep the whinging at a minimal to non-existent. What do you think about airing out grievances publically? A no-no? Depends? Sometimes I think we live in an world that loves to overshare, and we learn to receive attention from our misery. Other times, it’s nice to say Helppp!

What do you think? And/or did you read any good books in February?

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    1. Ha! A plan! What’s that? Actually, my latest endeavor is to take back control of my life. Not sure how to do it yet, but I’ll figure it out. Thanks. xo


  1. Oh, Lani, that doesn’t sound good. I’m so sorry you feel unhappy and like you don’t have enough energy left. 😦 I just wrote you an email, so please feel free to do any venting or ranting in return if you feel like you don’t want to do so on social media (which I completely understand btw). And yes, 672 pages definitely count as 2 books!! 😀 Just ordered Red Queen at my library because of your mention here. 😉
    Luckily none of my colleagues know my blog or IG so I can rant as much as I want LOL! Not that I used it in the last months though… Anyhow, hope you’re better soon and sending huge hugs! ❤

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    1. It’s good to hear from you Sarah! I just went looking for your email and it was in the spam folder! What the heck?

      Yeah, none of my colleagues know about me on social, too. BUT. The guy who hired me follows my IG account and I’m sure he’s still in contact with his old colleagues. Can’t take any chances.

      Thanks for your thoughtfulness and I’ll email you back. Big hugs back, xoxo

      p.s. Hope you like the Red Queen.

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      1. That’s too bad he follows you on IG! Yes, better safe than sorry.
        Thanks for your lovely email, will reply soon! Bug hug! xoxo

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  2. Probably better not to talk about colleagues, family, or identifiable friends on social media. You run the risk of your words being misunderstood, misquoted, exaggerated, and never forgotten. I hope you’ll be able to feel better with the help of your husband and mom(s).

    This makes me think of all the ways we censor the things we say on social media or our blogs. People have very strong opinions. They tell you what they don’t want to hear, not so much what they do want to hear. Especially during the Trump era, many people absolutely didn’t want to hear anything about politics. It was like the 1950s when we were told not to talk about religion or politics. And yet, shouldn’t a writer be truthful, dig down, and say exactly what’s in her heart? I guess we have to decide what we want to let out and why.

    This month I finished THE MASTER by Coln Toibin (slow but good), UNTHINKABLE by Jamie Tobin (good but long). My next book was going to be THE LINCOLN HIGHWAY by Amor Towles, but it’s also long, 571 pages, so instead I read IN THE CLEARING by Robert Dugoni. Now I’m reading THE LINCOLN HIGHWAY and loving it.

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    1. It’s difficult these days. Anything and everything can and will be used against you. In the past, we could have open discussions on controversial topics, but folks would still pass you the gravy at Thanksgiving.

      In our current era, we ‘unfriend’ and ‘block’ those who we feel are on the wrong side of history.

      As writers we have to tread lightly as well. I think comedians (like the king’s fool) have more leeway, but in our cancel culture, the witch hunt keeps our pitch folks sharp and looking for new prey.

      Social media posts are everyone’s ‘good opinion’, and selective choices of the life we care to share. It’s hard to wade through it all when it’s so easy to fire back a response.

      Thanks for reminding me of Amor Towles’ new book! Glad to hear that it’s good (so far) and thanks for bringing up some great points 🙂

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  3. As usual I slowly read non-fiction. I find escape in factual stuff…if you can believe me. I don’t want to be reminded of more heartache and human stuff, through novels.

    Braiding Sweetgrass…a part-north american indian Phd trained botanist weaves in indigenous knowledge of plant life, use , nature and interdependency in the ecosystem, including human beings.

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    1. I just finished Endurance, nonfiction, about Shackleton’s journey to Antarctic. LOVED it. So I can see how nonfiction can be an escape.

      But I definitely like how authors use fiction to help us to remember how much we have in common, and covertly discuss bigger themes that bring us together.

      Sweetgrass sounds great, xo Thanks for being here, Jean.

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  4. I’m still with Jin Ping Mei, the racy Chinese classic, haha. Only 600 pages left!

    I’ve also disappeared from social media. I just don’t feel like sharing anything. My blog is also taking a nosedive… Lack of inspiration, also a busy job plus a child to entertain…

    Sorry to hear you’re unhappy in your current situation. Hugs from here!

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    1. Thanks, Marta! Day by day. And lots of material for future stories in the making. 😛

      Yeah, I keep telling myself to reblog old posts since I have a TON of them, but can’t be bothered. Once I write about something, it’s hard to revisit it, but maybe I will motivate soon.

      600 pages!!! Hahahahaha. I’m sure you’ll tackle it in a couple of days 😛


  5. Ack! I’m so sorry to hear you’re unhappy, Lani. And I know when things are so crazy busy it’s hard to see past that minute or hour to how you might dig your way out to something better. Sending calming vibes and wishes for new, happier opportunities–I hope they reach you all the way over there! I keep my health and sex life totally off these interwebs–even when there’s something to complain about, ha! I might bitch and moan just a bit about other topics. But, since I’m a natural born whiner I think most of my people get to hear it in person, so there’s not much left for social. As for reading, I just finished The Five Wounds, a novel by Kirstin Valdez Quade, whose story collection was amazing–it was a good debut but didn’t measure up to her stories. I’m also reading ballet books for an upcoming project I can’t talk about yet (yay!). And I’m always reading books for the blog. I have a novel on my TBR I’m dying to get to; it’s a maybe-ish comp for theme for my WIP–The Bear and the Nightingale. It’s fantasy maybe, fairy tale-ish. A little different for me. Sounds fun. Big hugs from afar, my friend!

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    1. The Bear and the Nightingale is a great read. It’s part of a trilogy, but I haven’t read the 2nd or 3rd, obviously. 😛 I starting into the 2nd but I couldn’t get into it. The first one though, I really liked.

      Thanks for the well wishes. Yes. Health is an excellent topic to avoid on social. I understand why folks do and sometimes, when it’s a broken leg or sth it makes sense to share, but yeah, I consider myself lucky in that dept and no one needs to hear about that, right? Hahahahaha.

      Excited about your new projects and glad you’re making happy progress ❤ xoxo

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  6. The fact that I’m only now reading this post, should be an indication of how much reading I’ve done in Feb. Well, I still read at night before I go to sleep, but I don’t think I’ve actually finished a book yet, as I’m too exhausted to read more than just a handful of pages. As for public venting. Well, I’ve always found that I deeply regret those moments. So these days I keep the spectacle private. 😅 Good luck with the many challenges you are clearly facing at the moment, Lani. I truly hope that they are more like growing pains than permanent issues. Big hug.

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    1. Thanks, Jolandi. Always wise and thoughtful. Yes, I’ve stayed away from social, and with everyone adding their vast and deep knowledge of the war, I feel even more justified – hahahhaa.

      I hear ya, that was last month. Just a few pages and then I’m out like a light. So far, March as been better. And hey, good luck with your challenges, too, I know it’s been a rocky road. Hugs back!


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