Take me back to Hawaii
On Anania Circle
Where you could feel the light, laughter, and sun
Bouncing off the black pavement,
On many afternoon.
After long school days
We played in the parks,
Climbed the walls, trees, and dug into the ground.
Across Kamehameha Highway
In the enclosure
As we wished
In the warmth
Dreaming in black, and
Bicycling, running, dashing up Anania Circle and Anania Drive.
On endless Saturdays
Catching anoles and geckos
And gossip from the trees that walked over from
Unsupervised moms and dads
And meeting at tire swing park,
Playing in the pool
Going to the other side
Sauntering up to the enemies
Stopping to taunt the boys
In the days before the Internet sat us down.


[Inspired by Van Morrison’s β€œOn Hyndford Street”, Tim Tomlinson created this poetry prompt which my friend Sandra introduced to us through her poetry class.]

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