Doorway to heaven at Baphuon. [Angkor Wat Archaeological Park, 2015]

// When I thought of today’s prompt, this photo came to mind. Angkor Wat was much more impressive than I expected, and I deliberately stayed away from looking at photos of the park before visiting because I wanted it to be a new experience. Has anyone else done this with a major tourist attraction?

// I know many folks are reading the news in horror, but one of the ways I’ve been able to get through it is regularly reading good news from The Good News Network. For example, it appears as though social restrictions are working in places like Seattle and Italy. I also had no idea that Russia sent supplies to help the US battle COVID, and I’ve been reading the news everyday.

// Meanwhile, there’s no shortage of close-minded news circulating, but based on the majority of what I see and read on social, there are a lot of good deeds, creative thinking, and just plain nice things going on. It helps to be grateful, get moving, and laugh. Make time for a hard laugh.


Knowledge of what is does not open the door directly to what should be. – Albert Einstein


8 replies on “Discover Prompts, Day 2: Open

  1. Like many, I have been thinking of little creative projects to startup/resume but this recent instalment of Nick Cave’s Red hand files got me thinking along different lines. Perhaps instead of trying to dull the boredom and create/connect…maybe this is a time to be still, to watch, reevaluate, meditate and to hopefully endure…
    None of which involves social media or news I might add!

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    1. A friend who passed away a few months ago, a musician, specifically recommended Nick Cave to me. I never got around to it, but when I read his words, tears came to my eyes thinking of my friend, and how I need to have a listen to Nick one day and remember him.

      Nick also said some rather poetic things which is a bit in line with my day of cooking and cleaning – and specifically – not thinking.



      1. Nick Cave’s music is most suitable for these isolated times…try ‘a wonderful life’ or ‘into my arms’, two of his reflective tunes if you’re having a quiet cup of tea…and maybe ‘red, right hand’ to move the cleaning along!~

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  2. Love that photo and quote! Wonderful interpretation of the prompt. You’re right–gratitude and finding humor definitely help a lot through something like this. And searching out the good news is a great idea. I will be calling my family in Seattle today to check on everybody; I’m glad to hear their social distancing is having a positive effect. Take care!

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