March was a f***ing dickhead, is what it was. Now, to be fair, it started off innocently enough. Oh sure, we were in the middle of a worldwide pandemic, but March is when COVID-19 gained the kind of speed and tenacity that woke up the Western world. It was also when I went to the ER for the first (and hopefully last) time.

As American expats in Thailand, we had been keeping a close eye on the spread of the virus since January, so have prepared ourselves as best as we could. I knew it was coming, but I guess I was foolishly hoping it wouldn’t. Unfortunately, I can’t talk about the situation as I might accidentally say something that is considered false.

Although, the real unexpected blow happened to us mid-month when the BF needed medical attention for an appendectomy. He’s okay, but it was a scary and stressful time. I had to be the strong one during his operation and recovery. And I gained some insight into what caregivers go through, how bankruptcy could start, and what its like to feel helpless for a loved one.

At the same time, our school closed down which means no income. We were also worried about returning to the hospital to have his stitches removed during COVID, but it wasn’t a problem.

We started saying “it’s a good thing you got your appendectomy taken out when you did – unless you get COVID”…” it’s a good thing we got your stitches out now – unless you get COVID” … “aren’t we lucky to have nabbed the last can of black beans – unless we get COVID” and so on.

“Unless you get COVID” is 2020’s “That’s what he said” one-liner.

But now that we’ve settled into Thailand’s State of Emergency or staying at home, I’ve been surprisingly busy. With the help of a wonderful editor, I’m modifying my memoir.Β  On a lark, I entered a giveaway for a free flash nonfiction month-long course and won! So I’ve been chipping away at that. Also, I’m teaching IELTS test prep online to a witty student who hopes to study in Australia in a few months.

Anyway, this month I have only one photo to offer, but it’s what I feel is the perfect representation of not only my world right now but what’s happening globally.


A bird’s eye view of a woman’s efforts (not me) to make more masks. [Rayong, Thailand, 2020]

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How was your March?

29 replies on “The Changing Seasons – March 2020

    1. Hahahhaa. It was bipolar if I’m fair. But the surgery in Thailand took the cake, if that’s the right expression, and I don’t think that it is…

      Let’s hope April brings the world some better news!

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  1. March eh…difficult to love but resolutely authentic!
    Best to think of it as a stone on which to sharpen your blade. Pleased to hear that your partner got through the illness without any lasting effects….
    April predictions?

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    1. Ha! Thanks, he’s recovering nicely. It’s funny what you said the stone bit because all of this is toughing us up, that’s for sure. April will be fine – unless we get COVID… πŸ˜›


      1. Exactly….unless of course you get it and you only experience it as a mild cold…then you can go forth with the antibodies to help the community like a marvel comic book hero!!

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      2. Is that how it works? After 3 months of following the news, reading all the science I can attempt to understand, I’m over it. Or should I say, I’m burned out. πŸ˜›

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      3. Yeah it’s important to do other stuff and limit news input isn’t it. I’ve cut way back, about 5 mins is plenty for me these days

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    1. Yes, we are like-minded in that regard. I’m being very productive. I can’t relate to my friends who are lazing about, feeling bored, etc. The days go by quickly, but there are endless days ahead… *fingers crossed*

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  2. March wasn’t the best, but perhaps the new state of things has given you more time to work on your memoir!? So exciting! I started the audiobook of William Zinsser’s On Writing Well yesterday and feeling pumped to become a better writer. (Also have Bird by Bird ready to go on the Kindle!)

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    1. I love William Zinsser’s On Writing Well! Could definitely read that again. πŸ™‚ Bird by Bird, I couldn’t get into, but one of the end chapters on submitting made me laugh so hard.


  3. Scary times! Glad to hear your BF is recovering. Not having salary because the school closed is not cool. You are not supposed to give online classes? Teachers have been quite busy here these weeks (and parents even more, homeschooling and supervising children, haha).

    No comment about not being able to say anything about the epidemic in Thailand. Sometimes I wonder why China gets all the shit about human rights and other countries are never mentioned. (Not that China doesn’t deserve it, of course).

    I love The Oatmeal. Have you read his latest comic about creativity? He’s a genius. And he’s hot. It’s not fair, hahaha.

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    1. It is frustrating. Our school seems woefully behind the teaching online curve, but I was proactive and got lucky with a few students before this pandemic broke out, so that’s how I’m managing. Yes, I feel for those parents BUT, maybe they’ll learn to appreciate us teachers more. Bwaahahahha.

      No comment about your no comment πŸ˜› Actually, I read this article about how govts shouldn’t lie to their citizens and you’ll be happy (?) to hear that other govts made the list besides China.

      Thanks for reminding me about the Oatmeal creativity piece, I’ve been meaning to check it out! xo


  4. Oh Lani, that must have been a hugely anxiety-ridden period when your BF had the op. I hope he is recovering well. And to lose your job too. That really sucks. I’ve been hugely disappointed with western governments’ response to containing the spread of the virus and their reaction (somewhat racist in tone) to how countries in Asia have contained early infections. In the case of Australia, perhaps it was doing a lot behind the scenes but it certainly wasn’t obvious. It certainly wasn’t stomping down on the radio shock jocks who were very dismissive of its potential harm.
    Please tell your student not to come to Australia. Australia has banned foreign national arrivals I believe and our PM is now telling foreign students already here that they need to go back to their home country. This was after Australian universities paying students to go through a third country to circumvent travel bans. It is quite astounding.
    The next few months are shaping up to be quite horrendous. I hope you have a safe place to stay and can ride it out. Please take care. I have been thinking about you.


  5. Finally visiting your site and it feels like meeting an old friend again! Going to go read your Discover prompts after I comment here but it’s good to know things have been okay considering everything that’s going on. Take care, Lani!

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    1. Hey, I was wondering if and when you’d stop by after teasing me with returning. I’ll pop over to your site to see what you’ve been writing now that I see you’re online πŸ™‚


  6. OMG Lani – what a scary time to be at the hospital! I mean, let’s face, at any time, being at a hospital sucks. Thank goodness it is behind you now.

    Hang in there – be well & keep sane.

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    1. Yes! Thank you. We’re glad it’s over and we hope to avoid it now and in the future!

      Take care, xxoo


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