You're welcome. [Chiang Mai, 2014]
Yes, it’s a cat in a sweater. You’re welcome. [Chiang Mai, 2014]
The blogging award season occurs between now and later and takes place around the world, where the majority of important blog awards reside. The origins of such socialist awards are relatively unknown, but we do know that a German or a German lover was involved (see Liebster), as well as versatility, inspiration and sisterhood.

Thank you Kate for nominating me for two luscious awards, to Aquilena and Corri – and lastly to Michelle for including me in her roundup.

Now, just like I have in the past, I’m going to change up the rules and do my own thang. I’ll choose one question from each awardee and allow everyone to participate in the questions I pose in comments, and slash & burn “paying it forward” so we can all quit stressing over what to wear for the next award show.

// From Kate, “If you were a piece of furniture what would it be?”

OMG. Did you ever read The Human Chair by Japanese writer Edogawa Ranpo? Yeah, wicked. I loved it, therefore, I’d be a chair so I can be all Edgar Allen Poe-like dark and disturbing.

// In honor of Aquilena and her Greek mythology blog, I will share that the only book I ever stole (the only!) from the library (what!) was a children’s book called D’Aulaires’ Book of Greek Myths. I loved it so much, I wanted as my own. Yes, I was a child and yes, I know that’s no excuse.

Sorry, Mililani Library. And I did not take French cooking, that was my brother, who claims no knowledge of the book, but we all know he did it.

// And to thank Corri from 51 stories, I’ll add my own super short superhero story. I helped report a fire when I was in grade school. We were walking home from school when we saw that someone had thoughtlessly lit a tall grass field, it was just getting started, so we ran to the high school and told a teacher.

// From Michelle, “Do you dislike a common food that most people like?”

Yes, ketchup. If it’s on a hamburger and I can’t see it, I don’t mind because the flavor is mixed in with other wonderful flavors like the burger, mayo and mustard. But you will never see me with ketchup and fries.

I saw a horror/sci-fi/I don’t know what it was, film on cable TV when I was a kid and the monsters in the movie were dipping human fingers into their blood and I was forever grossed out. I’m actually gagging a little thinking about it. So, I can’t do it. Fries are, of course, part of daily living, but ketchup is disgusting.

*Parents do not let your young child watch cable TV. I’ve seen way too many jarring/inappropriate shows and there is probably something wrong with me now.

Questions for you, dear readers! Answer them all, or one or two. Up to you. Cheers!

// What kind of good karma do you have? For example, I have great clothing karma. I’m forever getting free clothes.

// How much do you plan for a vacation? Over-plan, barely plan, somewhere in the middle?

// What do you do during a long layover? Help! I need ideas.

22 replies on “Its award season and I have nothing to wear.

  1. Oh that was so neat to read that the only book you have ever stolen from a book shop was D’Aulaires’ Book of Greek Myths. I have heard of that book and It has beautiful illustrations… Do you still have it?… ⭐ Thanks for the special mention! … Have a wonderful weekend. Best wishes!~ Aquileana 😀

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    1. Good question. I don’t know. I left it at home when I went to college. And then my mom moved, so probably not! Hopefully it made it back to its original home. Hahahaha. Thank you 😀


  2. Congrats on the nominations, Lani! So heroic of you to report the fire when you saw it. You know, some kids might be overly eager, rush in and see if they can drag anyone out 😀

    I will answer your karma question. Lately it seems I’m attracting nice people, people who come up to me in the city as I’m walking. They’ll politely ask me to take a photo of them. And it’s usually when I have my camera in hand 😀

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    1. Really? They ask you to take a photo of them? Oh, of them with their own camera, not yours, right? Cause that would be weird. I think I read that wrong. Hahaha.

      Nice people, sounds like excellent karma to me! xxoo


      1. Yes, take a photo of them using their camera that they hand to me! Guess what, today a trio of tourists handed me their phone and asked me to take many photos of them in front of a monument. Of course I obliged and took about ten shots of them in front of it 😀

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      2. You must look like you know what you are doing! 😀 And you must look trustworthy, too! Don’t abuse the power 😛 Hahaha.

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  3. Hi Lani! I figured it’s about time I introduce myself since I’ve been silently following :). I HATE ketchup too! Sooo gross to me. I won’t even have it on a burger. The only way I don’t mind it is in the thousand island dressing in an In n Out burger!

    For your layover question: I usually download a bunch of books on my kindle app before travel days, and I’ll read on a layover! Or eat in the airport. Or if there’s enough time to actually leave and explore the city, then that’s the best!

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    1. I was thinking about what books I have. I will definitely need to stock up. Podcasts, music, too. Ahhhh!

      Yea! Another ketchup hater! We are not out there!

      Glad you decided to finally say hi. 🙂


  4. Regarding planning, I used to be an overplanner. When I went packpacking to Vietnam and Cambodia I actually drew a schedule with the plan for each of the 26 days hahaha. But now I am on the opposite extreme: for my last trips I did zero research!! I need to find a balance hahaha.

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    1. I love and hate the Internet for this reason. We can find out (usually) a lot of information, almost to the point of taking all the mystery and magic away. On the other hand, it’s great to book things in advance and have a better idea of what you can do. I lean towards planning less, otherwise I think it would be too easy to go overboard. Thanks for sharing!


  5. I like to linger in places, so my initial research would be to see if a place is worth lingering in, and if so, for how long. I then search for a place to stay, and I take my time, as where I stay has a huge influence on my travel experience. I usually get lucky, as I have found the most amazing and interesting places. Apart from that, I don’t plan much else, apart from perhaps having a vague idea of what I could do. I allow my feet to choose the direction of my day, often without thinking too much about it, unless of course if I have to book something, like a cooking class. I also try never to cram my days with activities. I like to just and watch life flow by. Bliss.

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  6. 1. What kind of good karma do you have?
    This is a TOUGH one, Lani. I guess interesting jobs have been attracted to me. I just to be around at time, right place. I better not speak too soon, since I haven’t retire yet. (9 more years to go!)

    2. How much do you plan for a vacation? Over-plan, barely plan, somewhere in the middle?
    If it’s within Canada, I don’t really plan that much in terms of what clothing to take. He plans bike routes, etc. I check out site info. in advance. Overseas –it’s abit more time spent because it’s usually a trip that’s abit more money.

    3. What do you do during a long layover?
    Try to see if there is public art within the airport environs. Vancouver International Airport has cool permanent large public art. Look at bookstore/magazine racks. Talk to another traveller …which happened in a 8 hr. airport layover in Iqaluit, Canada’s capital city for Nunavut in far Arctic. I chatted up with an Inuit mother with her baby..

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    1. Thanks Jean 🙂 Good job karma is an EXCELLENT karma to have. Lucky you. And yes, the farther a holiday takes place, the more likely I am to plan, too. Makes sense. Art. Yes, I naturally gravitate towards it in any space. I’ll try to find some good ones for you.


      1. Keep in mind I have submitted nearly 100 job applications in my lifetime. Not totally automatic. I’ve screwed up some interviews.. 🙂


  7. Omg I’m in the process of planning for a trip to Japan, and I think I’ve spent more than 30 hours on it already. Definitely an over-planner.

    CAT ❤

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