After going through this process which took me 10 years to figure out and fight with, I am relieved. It is done. I wrote my first book. In the beginning, I was full of energy. I made a lot of changes, experimented with a variety of ideas and then somewhere around the middle, I began to second-guess and weaken until finally, at the end, I was able to ask for help, and work really hard to get the finished product out.

My heartfelt thanks have to go to Rachel and Julia who answered my first β€œcry for editing help” email; then to Melanie who took up the next wave of editing; and finally to Briony who taught me the importance of the Oxford comma. These ladies gave me copious notes, found inconsistencies, asked questions and reassured me that what I had to say – mattered.

I want to also thank the writers groups I attended from Chico, California to Chiang Mai, Thailand. And my friend JP who has been a constant earful telling me that I am talented and I am good. Even though writing is a solitary act, I’m grateful for my friends who gave me feedback and encouraged me along the way. I’m also grateful for those who engaged me on my blog or emailed regarding their own β€œWaldorf story”.

Eric has also been a great big blessing. He’s an artist, but not a graphic designer and so we slogged through the book cover creating process together and I will be eternally grateful for his patience and willingness to work on something new and help me with a book cover that I feel quite pleased about. It’s beautiful. Thank you, Eric.

the missing teacher will be free on Kindle (you don’t have to have a Kindle, you can still go to the link and get a free app to read it) from the 21st to the 25th (Wed to Sun, Pacific Standard Time), simply because I want you to read it, share it and hopefully find it meaningful enough to write an honest review on Amazon or Goodreads.

It is also available in print through Amazon, and I’ve also done a recording of the book as well. Ye-ah. It’s over 6 hours long. But I love audiobooks, so I just had to do it. I think I might put in on YouTube. #overachiever

Thank you. I’m so happy it’s done.

back cover of book for web

61 replies on “✍🏼 Yes! I finally did it. I published my first book.

    1. My god, don’t be jealous. It’s a lot of work and a pain in the A. Celebrate? Why, I hadn’t thought of that? Hmmm. Good idea!


  1. Congratulations! I immediately go the book after reading the post πŸ™‚

    Will try to give some feedback once I am finished with it however I can’t say when I will get enough time for it :p

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      1. I definitely always find at least few minutes a day so read, especially before work to wake up a bit so I am looking forward already to read your novel probably starting tomorrow πŸ™‚

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  2. Hello Lani,
    I think it is amazing that you have a book out. I have downloaded it already! Thank you for sharing. I’m glad to have met you even if your time through Ecuador was short. All the best in the world to you! Elisabeth

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    1. Elisabeth, I echo your sentiment. I am eternally grateful for you and CEDEI. I can’t believe I was there, now! It seems like another lifetime ago.

      I hope you find the book entertaining and interesting.


  3. Got it on my kindle!! Can’t wait to read it! You’re a fantabulous writer, Lani! Cheers and kudos to you!

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  4. Congratulations!! Finishing a whole book isn’t easy, and making it presentable in the end is a great accomplishment. Looks very well done. Design and synopsis. And a memoir about teaching… several things in there I’m very interested in.

    Can’t wait to read πŸ™‚

    Hey I love audiobooks too; and I thought I was the only one

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    1. Oh, no. I think audiobooks are great. Especially on road trips. ACX rejected my book though because there are birds chirping in the background and night time crickets. So, I’m thinking of putting it on YouTube….excited by the thought of what I can now do with it.

      And yes, you know how hard it is to put a book together!


  5. Let me add my “congratulations!” to the cheering chorus. Well done you! I’ve downloaded “The Missing Teacher” [purchased for the princely sum of 0.00; thanks again, Lani!], and read the brief “Kindle sample,” squirming through your account of runner’s diarrhea. Now, waiting to see how, and in what way, the fortune teller’s session foreshadowed your later experiences.

    Again, congratulations; this is quite an accomplishment.

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    1. OMG. Is it too late to be embarrassed? You know, I put the book out there, but I didn’t really think beyond that. I mean, I delayed getting up this morning because I didn’t want to be disappointed by any response.

      I am genuinely surprised by how many are reading it. And the thought is quite terrifying! Thanks Ken!


  6. Congratulations, Lani!!! So proud of you girl! I knew you’d come out with a book soon, and ta-dah. What a great cover and judging by the summary on the back page, it sounds like a dark yet insightful story about education. “personality of education” – sounds very interesting, I am sure there are many faces of education systems and schools, on the inside and outside.

    Am very keen on getting the paperback, so I will have a look to see if it does international shipping. If not I will check out the Kindle πŸ™‚ Once again, congrats and well done!

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    1. You are so astute, Mabel. You make me feel proud and to be honest I haven’t really thought about being proud, just so happy it’s out there and done.

      So, your thoughts are making me think about how people will perceive what I wrote and what they will pick out.

      International shipping shouldn’t be a problem. I’d like to hold a hardcopy of the book myself!


      1. This is the first time someone has called me astute. Thank you, Lani. I am flattered πŸ™‚

        ” just so happy it’s out there and done”. There you go! Feel proud! It’s a big accomplishment. Perhaps some readers will gravitate to the education system messages, others the personal development side of the story…depends on what they’re interested in.

        Looking forward to getting a copy!

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  7. Super-duper-congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And, yay for me, it’s free!!! And more yay for me, I don’t have to have a Kindle!!! Will download the app. Thank you so-so-mucheeee!!!!

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    1. Sure. I wanted blogger friends and FB friends to be able to read it without any excuses not to, like financial ones, which I totally understand. Hope you find it to your liking πŸ˜‰

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    1. Yes. Ten years is a long time to carry a project around and it certainly wasn’t because this is the way I work. Life gets in the way and I’m glad I finally had enough of one to get it done. Thanks.


  8. That’s fantastic. Congratulations! So glad it is available hard copy b/c I don’t have Kindle. Happy to buy it. Not sure when I will get around to reading it, but when I do, I will post an Amazon review. x.o.x.o.


  9. I read through about half of the missing teacher last night and it’s a good read! I’ve lived close to a Waldorf school for the past ten years and my daughter took violin lessons there. I like your honest description of Waldorf education with its pros and cons. Your book is actually a good primer on the Waldorf system as well as being a delightful personal account. To be honest, I always thought the Waldorfians were a bit cosmic, but I agree it’s not a cult as one of your chapters asks. A cult takes someone away from their family, friends and culture and isolates them. Waldorf schools certainly don’t do that.

    I home-schooled my daughter who is now a sophomore in college. A lot of people think that’s cult-like, but I did it because the public schools are lousy and she was bored. Since I work from home, it went well, was easy for me and brought my daughter closer to me. I guess that means I’m not “the missing teacher”!

    I jumped ahead and read the last chapter. It reminded me of my 8th grade experience at Washington Intermediate in Honolulu so long ago!

    Great book Lani.

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    1. Thanks so much Stu. I’m glad you like it so far. You actually said things that I wished I would have! So, if you still enjoy the rest of the book, could I ask a favor of you? Would you say this on Amazon? I’d love a thoughtful book review, esp. from a parent.

      What I specifically liked about your comment is that cults isolate people from their families or outside world. And that you saw the book as an insider’s view. I know this seems extremely obvious, but when your neck-deep in a project sometimes you forget these things!

      I’m glad you read the addendum ahead of it all! It actually is a stand alone chapter, but I wanted to share what my childhood experience was in contrast to Waldorf.

      Thanks again, Stu. Your words mean a lot. Now, I hope you like the rest of the book!


    1. Thank you. I feel excited and my mind has been so busy lately thinking of all the things I need to do πŸ™‚


    1. Thank you, Jolandi. I am grateful that it is DONE. I’m actually not doing much of anything with it at the moment. I find self-promo stuff to be such a turn off so I guess I’m just thinking of better ways of doing it and taking a break!


      1. That part of the whole writing/publishing world must be the hardest. Good luck. I will recommend your book on my Facebook page for what it is worth. I, unfortunately, do not have thousands of friends, but I will do what I can.

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  10. Amazing job you should be really proud I will certainly be checking the book out and wanted to congratulate you, this is something to be really proud of! Louise x


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