One could argue that Thailand’s coffee culture started in Chiang Rai with the original Doi Chaang Coffee shop and restaurant opening here. It certainly helps that coffee is grown locally. Lee’s Akha Ama Coffee is grown nearby, as is his apprentice’s – Tu’s from Nangnon Coffee.

So it’s little wonder that interesting coffee shops have gained popularity and have cropped up in Thailand, specifically in a town as small as Chiang Rai. Now, I certainly have not gone to all of them here, but I feel lucky to have found one of the cutest ones. Located just off of Honglee and Rathotya, I’ve enjoyed my time hanging out there in the very cold air conditioned rooms with a lovely treat and coffee.

I am gumdrop toys, tin robots, a movie reel and a glass table top.

I am tricycles climbing up a house, hot coffee and Saturday morning cartoons.

I am dessert on a swing.


17 replies on “Cimelo: Antique shop and coffee

  1. what a fun coffee shop! I haven’t seen one with toys and tin robots before, that’s so unique.
    in austin,tx there were some eccentric coffee shops where they also let you roast marshmallows in winter time on a small table top burner amidst contemporary art around the shop.

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  2. I really wish that coffee shops would get more popular in China other that the main tourists areas. I mean I even once went in xi’an to a coffe shop where they did not even sell any coffee! It said on the sign coffee shop, they had pictures of coffee but only sold cakes, teas and bubble teas!! Made me very sad that day:(

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    1. It’s funny we were just talking about how coffee isn’t popular in China today! My b/f lived there and he said KFC was the best place to get coffee! I can’t imagine….he also said they ruin wine, too.


      1. Indeed, KFC is at the moment also the best place to get coffee for me in Xi’an πŸ™‚
        I don’t know about wine as I have never tried any CHinese wine but perhaps on my next trip in 2015!

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  3. Love that last line – “I am dessert on a swing.” I wish there were cute cafes like that around here!


    1. Where do you live? Did I miss that on your blog? I get the feeling that you are like one of two Asians in Ohio or something.


  4. Looks like a cool place to hang out and sup some coffee. There seems to be glut of coffee places opening up all over the place. Some more quirky than others πŸ˜€

    Love the poem btw…witty and sums up the eclectic decor of these places brilliantly.

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      1. I usually end up on the pretentious side. Although my ‘Ode To The Catatonic Muse Of My Heart’ was considered by many as subdued.

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  5. It is so difficult to get Doi Chaang here in Phuket… it is Chad’s favorite coffee and costs about 600 baht for a bag of beans! I love how they keep the coffee shops freezing cold to make it more comfortable to drink hot drinks. πŸ™‚


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