where in your life do you

I wrote this question in my journal some time ago. It originated from moving again. I move a lot. I don’t mean to, necessarily, it just happens. Sometimes I’m envious of those who have normal stable lives. I’d like to try on that lifestyle and be content (could I be content?).

What’s interesting about this question is, what you believe you seek out and what you actually seek out are not always the same thing.  I’ve been a natural risk taker when it comes to moving to new places. And I use natural to say, I don’t think of whatever I am doing as a risk. It’s kind of like when folks think you are crazy for doing something you didn’t even realize was nutters.

This question can also apply to different areas of your life, such as: physically, spiritually, and mentally. Some people are really into pushing the boundaries with their health, being healthy and trying new diets or ways of keeping their body healthy through different exercise. Others focus on exploring through their minds or spiritually.

I seemed to have focused on one of the three areas more during various times in my life depending on what where I was at, so to speak. I’ve definitely been through my health-kick phases. I’ve been a vegetarian. I was on a raw food diet. I’ve been really into the gym or aerobics, running and yoga.

I’ve also heavily sought out spiritual literature, understanding world religions and “self-improvement” type books in an effort to grow up, start again and find myself.

And since reading has been a love of mine since my early teens, I’ve certainly expanded out from early genres comfort-zones of science fiction, fantasy, historical romance to non-fiction, blogs, articles, and recommended books that I would otherwise never touch.

Outside my window.

These days, I feel like I’m seeing balance. I’m not gung-ho in any one area. Yoga suits my temperament, as well as easy exercise like walking and bicycling on flat roads.  I guess I’m into the way exercise makes me feel as I’m doing it. Hard aerobics, on the other hand, feels like an exercise in keeping up with the instructor rather than enjoying the movement.

Spiritually, I can’t say that I’m done with my seeking, so much as I know what I believe in, and with that knowledge I need to constantly remind myself of the truths I’ve worked so hard to seek out. I can’t be lazy, but this is an easy area to be lazy in.

Mentally or intellectually is where I feel the most stimulated at the moment because I’m focusing in on my writing. I love reading about different subjects. I think disciplines are interconnected and this is where we find our answers and the magic in the mundane. Reading is very exciting and relaxing. I look forward to it at the end of the day. I miss those days when I was a kid and I’d actually read all day.

When I was in college, I resented the fact that I couldn’t read what I wanted to read, but instead had to be bogged down by all this academia. Then again, I recognized that this was temporary and soon I’d be able to read what I wanted.  When I lived in the US, I took full advantage of the public libraries. I miss grand English libraries and bookstores. (That is why I must get my hands on a Kindle soon!) Thankfully, the expat community is a recycling one. I have been given many books, so it is interesting to read what folks recommend rather than whatever I felt like reading during my regular visits to the library.

Tree agama at Wat Chaidtupon.
Tree agama at Wat Chaidtupon.

Where in your life do you search or explore for new?

10 replies on “Where in your life do you search or explore for new?

  1. Everything is new to me lately. I actually have been reading books (suspenseful i.e. Gone Girl) that I normally would be too scared to read (can’t do scary movies or psych thrillers, either). Wonder what that says about my life right now? I’m at a crossroads spiritually and I really need to get my act together. And socially, I need to do something as well. I’m normally not a joiner, but in a new community, you need to put yourself out there. I like your point about thinking what you’re seeking out may be different than what you’re actually seeking out. Will have to think on that.

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    1. I know what you mean. I haven’t reached out socially since moving here. I feel like I have too many other things to do, and I’m not that kind of person to begin with.

      I always feel like if I’m reading fiction then I need an escape. So maybe, you need a nice escape from reality because you have so much on your plate!


      1. Oooh. I like it. Good one. So do you think you’ll eventually try to reach out socially or are you willing to “sacrifice” that part rather than work at it? Not saying it would be bad NOT to reach out. Just curious. And I’m wondering the same about myself. In my old age I’m getting more used to going it alone. Although life with friends = SO much better.


      2. It’s funny, about 4-5 years leading up to moving abroad, it was just me and my then-boyfriend. We moved a lot and we didn’t make any friends, really. Then when we became expats, I met all these amazing people and expanded my social circle.

        Now that I am in a much smaller town, I’ve had to adjust it being me and my bf. I don’t feel stable enough to branch out because we’ve had a lot of challenges and changes thrown at us lately. I’m perfectly content to be at home right now, and I think when I’m ready I’ll get out there. But I feel like even though you might be ready, other people might not be available and vice versa. I guess I just see it as phases in life…

        Sounds like you’re ready to meet new like-minded folks. Maybe take some classes? Surely they have meetups in GP?


      3. I think that’s great that you recognize that. One of the things I like about being an expat is your a bit “stuck” with a certain crowd or group of people in your immediate local. And I’ve been surprised many times over by who I think will be this way or that, or just getting to know people’s stories has been a great exercise in “undressing stereotypes” or preconceived notions.

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  2. I love the amphibian exotic photos. Especially that colourful lizard. I guess it doesn’t bite? I sound risk-adverse. 😀

    ” I love reading about different subjects. I think disciplines are interconnected and this is where we find our answers and the magic in the mundane.” I totally agree. Career-wise and by formal training, I’ve been a librarian (engineering, health care and law..I have an English literature degree but also did a major in library info. sciences) so on the job I loved learning and was stimulated by intersections of interdisciplinary research and problem-solving.

    So career wise I’ve been pushed intellectually. I currently work in information management for govn’t in an area that coves surveying, geospatial information mapping, intellectual property, etc.

    I have to say that on the personal front, it was meeting my partner, which led to a whole host of things…not just cycling but the reality he is divorced and at beginning of our relationship he had 2 growing children whom he had joint custody with ex. I never predicted I would date a guy with that type of life situation.

    I have never lived outside of Canada but feel because Canada is huge , just relocating to different provinces is enough of a separation from birth family roots and place (Ontario). Most definitely my closest friends have not moved as far as I have. Others have relocated within 100-400 km. where they grew up for careers, etc.

    I’m at a place where I feel more settled about who I am and having general good sense of knowing things I’ve tried, experienced/lived and learning from it all. Like weaving a life tapestry…you have no idea of the combination of colours that you will weave for yourself. You just have a vague image of the next shape/picture that puts you on a path to weaving experiences. (Maybe you should post some gorgeous hand made silks or embroideries for this. :))

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    1. All lizards bite 🙂 if provoked. I’m glad you liked the pictures and found the post interesting.

      Canada, like the US, is definitely so massive, so I can understand never leaving it. I think that is why many Americans don’t leave, there is great diversity within the country itself.

      Sounds like you’ve been able to secure varied and stimulating work. My problem back home was not being able to find that. I think that is why many of my generation feel “restless” – too many choices and the choices we have found are not challenging enough.

      I like the tapestry metaphor. Looks like I have some photography homework! Cheers 😀


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