I’m in love with the sky here. Reminds me of the American West. The crisp blue, the expansiveness and just the ability to see it after living in the city with tall buildings. When we first moved to Chiang Rai, it was blistering hot, and it didn’t help that we were living on the second floor of a wooden house. Then the short-lived burning season kept the sky from showing its true self. But now that the rainy season has arrived, it’s been mostly pleasant and even chilly. Looking up has been an interesting study of weather movements and clouds – the lullaby of the skies.

11 replies on “A study of clouds

  1. Oooh! Love these pics! I’m also obsessed with sky and cloud pictures. These are especially great with all the gold in the foreground. I’m really loving the one with the Buddha!


  2. Ah, blue skies. And I really like the cloud cover in all of them. Great photos. “the lullaby of the skies”. What a perfect way to describe skies. Blue, white, grey, black, orange, red, pink…the sky can be any of those colours. So spot on πŸ™‚

    Sometimes when I miss a certain place, I like to look up at the sky. I usually feel better then – the sky moves with you wherever you go. In a sense, every place moves with you wherever you go.


    1. I remember when my friend was looking for an apt. She was very adamant about finding a place with a view. It turns out she was right. I was miserable in my first 3 places in Thailand b/c my view did not show the sky and was depressing.

      My last apt was so bright and it was on the 4th floor, so suddenly I could see the sky, beautiful sunsets and it really made a difference on my well-being. It’s important, but we seem to forget this.

      Thanks Mabel!


  3. β€œthe lullaby of the skies” always sends me dreaming. I much enjoyed these, thanks.


  4. That comment about the importance of a view hit me right on. I’ve never lived without a view, so I always took it for granted – but imagining living looking at a wall or being unable to see the sky gave me a little claustrophobic shock. I think I’ll make that a criteria for me now. πŸ™‚ Beautiful pictures there; your sky is intense.


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