I’ve lived here too long, I fear. The firecrackers no longer agitate me. (Although, it hasn’t really gotten started yet.) But I’m good on lion dances. I’m good for the rest of this lifetime actually. And even though the calendars say the 31st is the official day of the Chinese New Year, today, the 30th, is the new moon. And the new moon, the lunar year is what the Chinese New Year is all about.

Today I walked over to Kad Luang to get vegetables from my favorite lady. After she told me (in Thai, all of our exchanges are in Thai, I don’t think she knows English), how delicious this and that was, and I made my purchase, I wished her a Happy New Year. She said it in return and wished me good luck and I reciprocated, and caught the smile on another Thai woman’s face as she overheard our conversation.

I’m afraid it’s the little things that make me happy. It’s going to be a lovely year.

Wishing you and your family all the best, xxoo, lc

Chiang Mai’s Chinatown is Warorot Market (Kad Luang).
Burnt offerings (paper gold bars) for the deceased.
Lots of great deals, like these consignment clothes…





Performers practicing.
Waiting in the hot sun.
Happy Chinese New Year from Chiang Mai Thailand!
Happy Chinese New Year from Chiang Mai Thailand.

9 replies on “Happy Chinese New Year (Year of the Horse)

  1. Nice picks. I can feel good about my healthy diet because I’m not eating one of the doughnuts, which suddenly I crave but and still not eating because it’s just pixels. My favorite pic is the kid with the dragon hat. Always best to stuff the camera (or zoom) right up in people’s faces. Me, I’m too reserved somehow to do that, and maybe I’ve been subjected to too much of being on the other side of the viewfinder, when in China. Wonder if there is a strong relation between how much one likes having one’s own picture taken, and how comfortable one is taking pictures of others.

    At the moment a “lovely” year seems somewhat possible, politics aside. Sawatdee bpii mai!


    1. I saw the kid taking a breather from his lion dragon costume and lowered my camera for a quick shot. I’m glad it’s in focus, and I like the surroundings so that’s why I didn’t crop it.

      If I’m going to get close, like the guy burning the gold paper, I ask for picture. I can’t just stuff a camera in someone’s face! I’ve had it done to me, just once, during a parade and it happened too fast for me to protest!

      Not sure of the correlation, but these days, you can have a stalker lens, so you don’t need to get close or ask permission.

      555+ Politics aside, cheers.


      1. In case it wasn’t obvious, I was kidding about “stuffing the camera” in someone’s face. ‘Twas hyperbole. I never thought you’d done any such thing. I just mean taking someone’s picture and them knowing you’re doing it.


      2. Oh, right – kind of like, “why shut the door? when you can slam it?” ๐Ÿ˜›


  2. Probably, I had never seen this types of performance before and I read this very carefully that is who is inspired me a lot. So, my favorite will be Waiting in the hot sun. Keep it up again!!


  3. Year of the horse this is going to be a great galloping year we hope for everyone. Your taken some excellent shots we are getting into photography but still a little shy when it comes to street photos – maybe we should invest in a stalker lens! that did make us laugh – cheers and happy new year


    1. Thanks for your comment. I’m sorry it went to spam, so I’m just seeing it now! Damn spam catcher is working a little too well! As far as taking pics, I think you will find yourself becoming braver and braver. But please ask before taking personal shots – some Buddhist believe that when you have your picture taken, a bit of your soul is taken away as well.


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