Welcome to Chiang Mai. Congratulations. You are either here and doing the research or getting ready to be here and doing the research. Either way. Good on you. Here’s some help.


1. Chiang Mai Mail, CM’s first English language newspaper. I learned about the city’s experiment to make Niminhaemin a one-way through CM Mail. Overall useful local news…


2. Chiang Mai Expats Club, geared toward retirees. I know people who have attended their meetings but I’ve never gone myself. But they also have other special interests clubs listed on their site.


3. Chicky Net, a social network for women in Thailand. I’m a member and I’ve met great gals through the site. I’ve guest blogged there too.


4. CMCC newsletter, Chiang Mai Community Church’s weekly newsletter is a must. Their classifieds have listings for jobs, volunteer needs, rentals, appliances and activities. AKA ‘the Christian newsletter’.


5. Major Cineplex and Vista, These are currently the only movie theatres in town. Major is located in Airport Plaza and Vista in Kad Suan Kaew. ***update!  Central Festival and Promenada have cinemas as well***


6. City Now! is CityLife Magazine’s Event’s Calendar.


7. Facebook groups, for example, Secondhand ChiangMai, is an open group, for those who are interested in buying and selling stuff. I ❤ Chiang Mai, is a closed group for those who are interested in meeting other travellers in CM.


8. Retire 2 Thailand’s Blog, Hugh is a great guy. He’s like an uncle and he’s lived here for – like – ever. Gobs and loads of great information.


9. My site! Would it have surprised you if I didn’t include myself?


10. A Woman Learning Thai…and some men too.Catherine’s blog is a wealth of resources. She’s technically in Bangkok, but her site is about learning Thai, so, it’s a useful site for anyone learning Thai!

*11. Extra credit: Open Chiang Mai is filled with a lot of good resources about CM too. 🙂

>>>Did I miss something? Please let me know. Cheers!<<<

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