Me! I originally started Tell-Thai Heart back in 2009 (first on blogger and then on its own URL) as a way to put-myself-out     there. But after so many problems with the hosting company, etc, I decided to move my site back to a free hosting platform. Now I’m using WordPress and have integrated it with Life, the Universe and Lani. And so there you have it!

Ten Thai-ish facts about me 🙂

1. Thailand is more than a tourist destination, a retirement outpost and hackneyed travel blog. It’s where my mother was born, my parents met and where my father died. It’s a place that has changed my life at 6, 16 and 33 years of age. So I moved here in June 2009, in search of some unknown quality that I have felt missing in my life, and to have – a good ol’ fashioned colonial adventure…Yeeeeehawwww!

2. My mother is Thai, my father Chinese, and I was born in Hawaii. So, that makes me American. Asian American. American Asian. Not really Asian. A banana. Up to you. My identity, these days, hasn’t been so much a struggle, as it is an interesting reflection of how others interpret me.

3. My expat journey has been a back and forth one. See below, yo!

What's your timeline?
What’s your timeline?

4. My mom didn’t teach my brother or me pasa Thai when we were growing up. Yes, it’s a shame, but I’m learning now.

5. I am currently the clichéd English teacher working at a lovely language school in Chiang Rai.

6. My parents met in Udon during the Vietnam War. And it’s a great story…

7. I have a younger brother who looks WAY more Thai than me.  I look more Chinese, especially with my bangs. (I was forever told that I didn’t look good with bangs, and now I’m told I look good with bangs.)

circa 2003, somewhere in Georgia, USA…

8. My father died here when we were on a family vacation in 1979. It was a motorbike accident. Consequently and as you might expect, my mom doesn’t like me driving a motorbike and I’m super careful, and neurotic about motorbike safety.

9. My name is on a pillar in a temple or wat in Lamphun. It was a wonderful surprise when I was told about it. My mom had donated money to the local wat in her village – and the money was given in our names. And so, sometimes I wonder at the fact that my name will be there for as long as the temple stands.

Family temple in Lamphun
Family temple in Lamphun

10. My college major was anthropology (the study of culture) and archaeology (culture + dead people = awesomeness). I did archaeology for a little time, loved it, but decided to take a break. The funny thing is I never went back, but started on new path called teaching. Oh, lordy…

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you find something useful and or entertaining. The menu located under the header has a couple of popular categories. On the right, you’ll find a search feature, as well as tags and more categories. And of course, you can always email me.

I’m also on Twitter @lanivcox

The many faces of Lani.
1. the teacher, 2. the blogger, 3. the friend, 4. the spiritual guru and 5. me. (hee, hee!)


14 replies on “Who is Tell-Thai Heart?

  1. I enjoyed reading your “about” post. I love that you are such an adventurous person, looking for your spot in the world. I love to travel, but don’t get to enough. I think living globally really is a great world to understand people.


    1. Thanks! Living abroad, not unlike travel, has taught me a lot about myself as well. What’s important to me, what’s not…I like the challenge and the constantly learning aspect of it, but sometimes I feel like just staying home and eating ice cream 🙂


      1. I totally agree. I learn much more about myself thru travelling than I did about other cultures. Sometimes ice cream is the answer.


      2. I miss good ice cream. We don’t have really divine ice cream here. But – oh – yeah, we have Thai food 😀


  2. I love your timeline, did you paint that? The line ” culture + dead people = awesomeness” made me laugh out loud, which got a few stares since I am in the library right now. 🙂


    1. Hey, thanks…I did paint that during a women’s artist/writers group that we had going in Chiang Mai. I went through several timeline versions before waking up and realizing I wanted to have bubbles over the painting like that. A reminder to do more art!


  3. Started out looking for stuff about motorbikes…came across a few of your blogs, read a few. You have some great turns of phrase. Love it.


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