I wasn’t going to post this because I didn’t want to be vulnerable. Then I remembered Brené Brown’s TED talk, and thought “fuck it”. (I’d apologize for swearing but that would seem counter-clockwise to what I’m trying to say.) Here’s to putting yourself out there…

in the dawn of night

my dreams wake me again
the neighbors are yelling
in the middle of the night
I roll, I toss my body
over and over
muffled me
dark thirsty

my dreams maroon me
the neighbors are fighting
in the dawn of night
I get up, I get down
over and over
foggy me
salty darkness

my dreams arouse me
the neighbors need to break up


kool-aid girl

many birds
in flight   white kites
fluttering areoplanes
looking to land

blue cloudy

in flight   white stars

earth bidden bound

house seeking to move

kool-aid girl
in such   white cups
slish slosh tin pain
needing customers

lips breathing

in sight   white kiss

exhale light inhale dark

wandering for you

4 replies on “Oh no, not more poetry..

  1. Good on you, for putting yourself out there, Lani. Fear sucks, and yeh, fuck what everyone else thinks. I enjoyed reading the words of the kool-aid girl poem x


    1. Thanks dear. My poetry workshop has been so nourishing! Kool-aid girl was from looking at pictures from a magazine 🙂


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