Apparently we met before through mutual friends, at all the raging parties I go to, but it wasn’t until I was at another fare-thee-well party that I REALLY met her. She’s very smart, you see, cause she said, “Lani! I love your blog!”

Well, that got my attention.

Mia is a Thai online language tutor atย Learn2SpeakThaiย and after a couple of lessons with JP, Mia told us about her podcasting idea. So this is her brilliant brainchild. I felt lucky that she thought to try it out with me.

Originally, Mia was leaning towards a male co-star or partner for the show. I think this was because she’s a fan of ย Talk to Me in Korean. But JP and I convinced her that having 2 girls talk on the podcast would be equally good, unique, and heck, possibly better. Obviously we convinced her and obviously she was open to the idea since she asked me in the first place!

I must say podcasting is hard! But fun too! So I hope you will listen, support and give us feedback on our new show! Find us here at: Thai Girl Talkย or click on the logo. Thanks!

Click on the logo to listen to our first podcast!

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