Update: Moved my site AGAIN, and now I’m at lanivcox.wordpress.com (Welcome to the Rabbit Hole)


>>>>>As of Aug 2013 I have deleted Tell-Thai Heart and am exclusively blogging here.<<<<<


As you can see, I’ve moved. If you try tellthaiheart.blogspot.com you will be redirected to tellthaiheart.com. Don’t be frightened. It will hurt only a little bit. Besides, it’s tricky business, and hard work.

I hope you like it as much as I do.  It will be way easier to find posts. Thanks to RM for giving me the glamorous makeover.

And guess what? You can follow me for FREE (I’m giving you the “friendship price” for an unspecified time) by clicking on the lovely RSS or mail icons located above Recent Posts or by clicking here! Do it now, it will feel as satisfying as a hot shower after a long day of moving mattresses on motorbikes. I gain nothing but your love…



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