Looking Back: My favorite pics from Ecuador

I wanted to share some of my memories of when I lived in Ecuador (in 2010). It actually took a long time to chose the ones I like, even though I only lived there for 6 months. I was entirely too poor to take advantage of extensively travelling throughout the country like my fellow English… Continue reading Looking Back: My favorite pics from Ecuador


Day trips from Cuenca: a sampler

Cuenca is a great city to not only visit, live and enjoy but it is also a great base camp to the surrounding areas. The most famous day trip from Cuenca has to be Cajas National Park and for good reason too. Athough it typically rains in the afternoon so go early; dress for cooler… Continue reading Day trips from Cuenca: a sampler

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Free things to do in Cuenca

Freebies: One of the nice things about Cuenca is there are many free events or places to visit at no cost. By popping into most restaurants or hotels you can discover a little booklet that tells you what is going on that month in the city. At Plaza de San Sebastian which is a very… Continue reading Free things to do in Cuenca

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Goodbye Cuenca (and the 7 types of ESL students)

Anyone who has been following me on the missing teacher or who knows my story, knows what a uphill road it has been back to teaching. After a few attempts to stay connected with the force-field known as education, I gave in trying to get through. So I pursued writing. I shifted my focus. And… Continue reading Goodbye Cuenca (and the 7 types of ESL students)

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An Asian American in Ecuador

Goodbye Chinese Sweet anger Draw me a curtain Give me a mask Push me off the stage The sour touch of your words Feel like dry leaves on my soul And bad milk in my bowl Goodbye Chinese Salty warmth Hold me back Shut my sight Wrap me in my ancestral blanket The savory touch… Continue reading An Asian American in Ecuador

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The long way around

Another crack at Spanish means a lot of things, including another crack at my self-confidence. I’ve started another Spanish class this week and so far it has been great. I’m surprised by what I do know and what I have remembered from my own studies. I also made the commitment to have fun. The stress… Continue reading The long way around


Left behind

What is happening to Ecuador’s youth? It started with an advanced writing class I taught in which the students’ final work would be a research paper and presentation. I didn’t know what to expect from a particular student because she changed her topic at the last minute. Well it was damn enlightening. She talked about… Continue reading Left behind